A Bag of Surprises

God said:

You are free on Earth. It may not seem so to you. You may feel bogged down in so many matters that you are overwhelmed.

Dear Ones, you are free even to be overwhelmed. It is not a stretch to say that out of a peck of opportunities, you may well have chosen one named Overwhelmed.

There are so many choices in life before you. All of them are for you to choose from.

You even have the choice to run away from what you would love to choose. You may put your hand out, and then pull your hand back. You do not give yourself credit for the ability to achieve your desires, and so you back away, or, perhaps, it can be said that you back away from fulfilling a desire of yours out of timidity or, perhaps, from some kind of fear of success or failure. In any case, it can be that you accept less than your full quotient.

On one level, it doesn't matter. On another level, it matters very much. Well, who in life knows for a fact what his best choices are? You can only guess.

Perhaps you can build yourself up to say Yes more often to what you desire than you say No to what you desire. If Life has picked a flower for you, it may behoove you to accept the flower and not throw it away.

Regardless, Life is your choice, and you choose one way or another.

Caution tells you that you can't accept everything that comes your way. On the other hand, you want your heart to flow where it wants to flow.

Challenges are acceptable. You don't have to make sure bets. You can work at what you want. Everything doesn't have to be a sure thing.

You don't have to succeed in everything. Success can be in giving yourself your best shot.

Perhaps you can stick with something just as easily as you can drop it. You don't have to stick with it any more than you have to drop it. Free choice.

Make your choices yours rather than the advice of the seeming world. There are all kinds of gains. There are many kinds of gains. Which pair of glasses do you want to look through?

Keep your options open. Of course, you can choose to stay on the same track. Of course, you can choose new horizons as well. You are a chooser of choices.

I am speaking here of daring to follow your heart. Herein lies the reward. The thing is, following your heart or following your logic is not so easy for you to know which is which. Life in the world has many variables.

Sometimes you are not sure what is heart and what is ego, and sometimes you spend your whole Life in debating a decision. And, sometimes, you simply have to choose.

And sometimes you have to let go of choices made.

Let's consider that there are no best choices or worst choices. There are only choices. Have no regrets. Regrets are a delaying action. With regrets, the past holds you in its thrall. 

Look, regrets are your choice as well. Don't waste your Life on regrets. You can't keep reading the same pages in a book over and over. Turn the pages, and move on.

When you are open, beloveds, you are open to a kind of magic bag of surprises. Anything can happen. Anything can happen in more than one way. Open your heart and mind to what you would love to have happen during your Life on Earth. What are the possibilities you think of? What are the possibilities you haven’t yet thought of?

Anticipate a great life on Earth. Open the gates to good fortune. Wake up, you are not here for misfortune.

Toss blessings up in the air, and catch them.