Your Heart Is the Key

God said:

You are always searching for the truth that your heart already knows. Beloveds, there is nothing for you to learn. There are only the coffers of your heart to open.

How can this be, you wonder.

When you hear Truth, do you not nod your head up and down Yes? How would your heart confirm that it is Truth you are hearing unless your heart already knew it?

It is not your intellect that confirms, beloveds. Your intellect covers a narrow margin. Its perimeters are ridged, rigid. Your intellect doesn't want to budge. It has dug a safe place for itself and wants to stay there. It is warm and snuggled much the way you are in bed in the morning. But the intellect can dominate the heart. Has not the willful intellect dominated the world? It is not a surprise that it has dominated you as well.

The heart wants to travel. It wants to show you everything. It wants to open you to Reality. Your heart does not want to be squashed. It wants to be a bouncing ball. It wants to bounce out of your chest and take you with it.

The heart isn't exploring. The heart already knows its way around. It wants to share with you. It wants to show you the lovely sights. It wants you to swing on the trapeze of Truth. It wants to take you to the center of the Sun. Your heart is a derivative of the Sun. Your heart knows the dwelling of the Sun.

Your heart is not meant to be a dark cave. It is meant to be an open Sun. You have to let its light out. If not a lot at first, then somewhat. Somewhat allow your heart to open to unexpected unlimited heretofore unacknowledged possibilities. The possibilities are certainties. They are certainties somewhere for someone, and I would like them to be yours.

When you learned to swim, it was natural. It was unnaturalness perhaps that kept you from swimming in the first place. Some restriction in place made you flounder.

Whatever keeps you from full recognition of the Divinity that is naturally yours is unnatural. A vise was put on you, on your heart, and you have been afraid to open it. You may have feared that it is a Pandora's Box, and that the world will never be the same. That is true. It will not be the same. When you open your heart and a thousand golden butterflies fly out from it, you will soar with them and the world will not be the same. It will never be the same again.

If you have complaints about the world, would this not then be a good occasion for your heart to open?

Perhaps the question is no more than this: Do you want everything to stay the same or do you want more? Do you want to stay the same, keep the same thoughts, go on as before, or do you want to open up to new horizons, new only because you haven't dared look at them? Or do you perhaps want to hedge with life, be like a jack in the box, hop up every now and then and pop back exactly where you were?

I offer you My hand. I kiss yours. I whisper to you to let your heart go. Free it. Open it. Open it to itself. Open your heart to yourself. Let your heart take you to fairer fields. The fairer fields are within you, beloved. Everything is within you. And your heart is the key. Turn it. The heart is the key that opens itself, opens you, opens the world, opens the Heavens, opens, opens, opens and leaves nothing closed.