God's Child

God said:

It is possible to say that your consciousness can be equated with what you are thinking about. If your consciousness, your personal consciousness, is a vibration, then you vibrate according to your thoughts.

An Alchemist of Vibration

God said:

Your vibration is rising high. This isn't something you make happen. It is something you draw to you. By your intention, your willingness, and generosity, you draw a higher note to you. You are calling it to you now. What do you think your moments with Me do?

There is no strain to heightening your vibration. Quite the contrary. It requires heaviness to keep your vibration from rising. Attachment to the past is heaviness. When you let go of the past you have been dragging around, you are lighter. You who are light are lightness itself.

When Every Soul on Earth Matters

God said:

If everyone came from confidence rather than lack, the whole configuration of the world would be different.

If no one feared they would be robbed, would there be robbery?

If no one worried that they would not be paid, would there be debt?

If there were not sense of lack, would seeming lack exist?

Are the robber and the robbed vibrating at the same vibration? Does the one with ten locks on his front door call the robber to him? Is the robber answering a request when he robs?

Do the ones who dun for payment attract those who do not pay?

Raise Your Own Vibration

God said:

When you are feeling lost, the question for you to ask is not: "Where is God?" The question for you to ask is: "Where am I?"

Where are you? Where are your heart and mind located? What occupies you? What gets to you? What reaches you? What do you reach for?

Spend your life on what you want to spend it on. Not so much on what seems to come at you. What comes at you, you have called. The more attention you put on it, the longer it stays. Do not nitpick your life.

There is a larger horizon for you. Just a few more steps, and you will be there.

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