state of love

The Love of God's Life

God said:

Let Us talk about My love for a moment. It has been such a mystery to you, what love is, that you may be it, and you are perplexed how I, God, can love so much and love so much that which, in your eyes, has imperfection. You wonder how I can love you so much, simply as you are, a fussing being on Earth.

Sometimes you disdain yourself. That is not your own thought. It certainly is not your original thought.

The Power and the Glory

God said:

When will you believe and accept that you are My beloved? When will you stop seeing yourself as some kind of outcast of Heaven? I really did not send Adam and Eve out of the Garden, and I do not cast you out. That is an impossibility for Me. I do not cast anyone out. I do not dismiss anyone. Beloveds, I am the Great Includer, the Great Embracer, the Great Uniter. I am One Who loves you with all My heart. This is easy for Me. So I ask again, why is it hard for you to believe that I love you?

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