Second Thoughts

God said:

Beloved, We, you and I, are Oneness replete. Invariably, I know where I stand with everything, whereas you tend to equivocate and dance around. You may find yourself sorry later. True?

I get My point across. I am firm. I know what I mean and I know how to say it, and I say it. Of course, I don’t stand on ceremony and deal with all the details you do. I get the show on the road. I know what I mean. I say what I mean straight out.

Sometimes you don’t know where you are. Sometimes you are betwixt and between and don’t how to represent yourself. You may undermine yourself. Try as you may, you aren’t equal to letting go of the spot you are in – try as you may. You do catch on that this is not the way to spend your life. You may be spending your one life this time around at too great a cost.

You are well aware that in terms of life, this spectacle that is weighing heavily on you right now isn’t worth your aggravation, yet there seems to be no end to it, and you keep on being aggravated. Your heart stays in a frenzy. This is no way for you or anyone to live. You may surround yourself with misgivings on top of misgivings.

You know what serious trouble is. This present situation may not be so momentous as you make it out to be at the moment. This isn’t life and death, yet you can’t seem to get beyond this turmoil. You made a mistake in a purchase, or you allowed another mistake in a friendship again. You don’t want a big to-do, yet you sure don’t want to slough it off and take your losses either.

Well, what are you going to do about it?

You frankly ask yourself, in terms of your decision-making, what are you doing? Life in the world may seem to be too much for you, that you are in life over your head, and that you don’t use your head until after the fact. Do you speak first and then think twice later? You seem to act first and weep at leisure, oh, no.

Of course, you will regain plain old-fashioned common sense – why not?

The difficulties you go through spin around simple sensitivity as well as around serious long-lasting relationships of one kind or another.

Are you ever going to get life straight? Are you going to be forever in one tizzy or another? Will you ever wake up anew? Certainly, you’ve had plenty of practice without seeming to change. What does it mean to have been born yesterday?

How many ways can you use your head and heart better the next time around so far as you can tell?

You seem to be plagued with buyer's regret. You let someone walk over you, or you worry too much about the other party’s feelings. You seem to spend too much of your life repeating past errors. Will you ever get smarter at life? Will you ever be wise? Will you ever represent yourself the first time round? Will you ever get better at life? Will you ever stop to think before you say Yes? Will you remember to say: “Let me think this over, and I’ll get back to you?”

Could you simply simplify your whole life and not take on so much all at once?