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Wow, Margaret, what a beautiful story of your first year of marriage! And all the pink light that is alighting everywhere. We are a brigade of pink light! I shall pass on the pink light you sent and it will bounce all over the world and back to you, and certainly to Joe!
Because of you, I had to read over today’s Heavenletter, and it had new meaning for me.
Thank you.
With love and blessings, and many good wishes for the New Year.

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I felt my husband's heart and my heart beat as one the first year of marriage; we were hugging, I felt a heart beat and I couldn't tell if it was his heart or mine because both our hearts were beating in synch and God's heart and mine were beating in synch when I yearned to work for the Disney Company and several days later my Temp agency called and said, there's a job at Disney, do you want to go? HURRAH to hearts beating as one. As often happens, today's HL spoke directly to me again, helping me with a question I was trying to solve.
And the story of Joe and pink loving light was wonderful too. I'm testing it out today. I've put pink light on this text. Have a Holy New Year.

The Creators' Blessings to you,
Margaret, Moderator

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