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Dearest Emmy,
It is so much fun when you ask a question about the English language.. It makes me think and realize how many expressions there are in a language that are not decipherable unless you already know.
I don’t know what the context is here, but it would mean like this:
Do you know what a grab bag is? You can’t see what’s inside, but you reach your hand in and get a prize. You don’t know what your prize is until you pull it out.
A poke must have been some kind of sack baby pigs were in. You could take a pig but you had to take what you got. It was like a blind choice.
I’m not sure of the context, but if this is from a Heavenletter, I imagine God would be saying that the choice of our lives was not a pig in the poke. Rather, we knew clearly what we were choosing.
Please always feel free to ask.
Blessings and love, Gloria

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What does pig in the poke mean?


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