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HEAVEN #2294 All the Songs March 7, 2007

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HEAVEN #2294 All the Songs March 7, 2007

God said:

When you worry, you worry for the sake of worrying. What benefit exactly does worrying give you? Perhaps you enjoy the feeling of discomfort it gives. Perhaps you feel you need to be punished. Perhaps you feel that by punishing yourself now, you will evade further punishment down the road. Perhaps you feel that aching now, even if the worst happens, will prevent future aching, Perhaps you feel that being dropped from a cliff of a lesser height won’t hurt so much! Perhaps you enjoy worry’s companion, anxiety. Perhaps you love the relief you feel when nothing awful does occur. Perhaps you like to live before the fact. Perhaps you like paying. Worry could be another habit you really don’t have to keep.

Worry is like buying a very expensive medication when you can get the same thing without paying a cent.

If the ax falls, it falls. Perhaps you like to rehearse the event. Perhaps you want to practice your escape. Perhaps worry about one thing keeps you from worrying about something else more worrisome.

If you must think about what could befall you, think about the lovely things you would like to befall. Stock your thoughts with all the wonders that could befall. This could be your day. This could be the day when all that you desire comes to you. This could be the day of lofty surprises. This could be the day when any number of wonderful unexpected medals are pinned to your lapel.

One of the things that bothers you is that you don’t know what tomorrow might bring. It’s true you don’t. Even when you think you know, you can’t be sure. If this is the case, then why not think of the glorious things you would like to have happen instead of the dire ones that also may not happen? Why not enjoy the thoughts of what you most desire? Why not imagine light rather than darkness?

In terms of thoughts, you can immediately have anything you want! When you imagine happiness, you have it. When you imagine strife, you experience it. When you imagine love, you have the benefit of it while you are imagining. Whatever you think about, you are absolutely rewarded with it while you think about it.

If you are a musician, and you think of a particular chord, you hear that sound in your mind.

When you are hungry, and you think of a wonderful meal, your mouth waters. Even if food doesn’t arrive, better to think of a good meal rather than how hungry you are.

When you think of suffering, you are suffering.

When you think of fear, you are fearful.

Have the intention of thinking about that which brings you health and happiness. Lean in that direction. Thoughts are yours for the asking. You need no one’s permission to think nourishing thoughts.

Never mind when people tell you to be realistic. They equate realism with doom. Doom specialists would tell you what illnesses you could come down with, what accidents could befall. If you listened to those who spout realism, you will hear statistics. If you listen to them, you would never marry, have children, leave the house. Of course, even in the house, realism could lurk.

If you would listen to realism, you would be defeated before you began. Who would do anything when nothing works out!

Dreams do come true. Hopes are realized. If bad news can be realized, why not good news?

All the songs have sung it -- Walk on the sunny side of the street. Let the sky be your umbrella. Don’t worry, be happy.

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