The Focus of Your Energy

God said:

That which is good for you in Life is sure to be simple. There are simple pleasures that go far.

Whatever the day looks like, know that the day, this day, is beautiful. This way you can allow yourself to be surrounded with beauty all day, why not?

Energy itself is beautiful. Energy exists. Tremendous energy exists. Light is energy, and you exhibit great energy and light. Even when you feel tired, great energy and light radiate around you. We are speaking of pure energy, energy more powerful than you are able to imagine. Your energy is not less powerful than the Ocean Tide.

Beloveds, you have Soul. You are Soul. You abound in pure energy.

Even on your deathbed, you radiate Great Energy. Your body is mighty, yet your body is the least of you. You have seen the difference between a body containing Soul and a body whose Soul has ventured forth. Energy is an expression of the Divine.

Even when you are working out at the gym and sweat pours from you, you are, in Truth, Pure Energy -- energy free and clear, energy beyond the surface of life. You are never without the depth of your Soul.

When you are happy, this is when your Soul Energy is usually most noticed. Obviously, beauty is greater than skin-deep. Beauty is energy.

Of course, anger is also energy, energy clouded, energy circumvented, energy distracted from beauty. There may be nothing beautiful about anger, not as you feel it and experience it. From another vantage, anger can be seen as such a one-pointed focus, so clear, so solid, like a lion's roar.

Anger does seem to fuel you with hot energy, nevertheless, are you not glad to be done with anger? Isn't being without anger more fulfilling?

Energy changes form. Positive energy that rises happily from within you is like a tree sprouting leaves or a cherry tree blossoming into bowering flowers. Is not a cherry tree your favorite over a house afire? Go where you want to go. You don't have to go where you don't want to go.

I know that sometimes anger takes you by surprise. Suddenly, there is anger, a tempest, a fire and an ice storm that envelopes you. How ferocious is anger when it flares.

It's better that you don't have to vent anger. Is venting anger something to be proud of, or is it an excuse like any other? In one sense, there is no excuse for anger and its resentful companions.

When you think, when you really think, what on Earth do you possibly want to be angry for? Anger is energy, yet anger is energy that saps energy from you. Your anger may make someone tremble, but what good does trembling do? It can't be your mission in life to make others blanch.

Remember, your anger is your anger. You have to claim ownership of it. Be not proud. Anger is never a victory. I am talking about lashing-out anger. Anger can hurt someone. It certainly will hurt you.

Nor is your purpose in life to suppress your anger. Acknowledge anger, and get onto a different track. Think of something you could possibly change that could derail anger from your heart. May your heart be innocent rather than full of anger. Anger seems to reinforce more anger. Can anger be so rewarding or so relieving? No matter how justified anger may be, do you want it? If you want it, what do you want it for? Find another way.

Come back to Pure Energy. Come back to greater than anger. Greater than anger exists. You have experienced Pure Energy, and you like it. Allow it.

The Truth of you is far greater than anger.