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The Zen of Basketball

Think not overly about the shot
About the grooves being aligned just right or not
Or if the wind is about to pick up or stop
But just shoot
"See the rim
Be the rim"
As they say
Let it fly
And play
Above all
For the joy of the game
And when not
When the shots seem to fall awry
When chance seemingly passes us by
Or even when it all proudly goes our way
This is still our up and down
Emotional state
Of attitudes based
Upon perceived results
Which unfailingly lead
To the limited creed
That does preach, "either we fail or succeed"
Of, "lead, follow or get out of the way"
To the frantic way
Of undue expectancy or fret within our day
And when this takes place
It's time
To go to the line
The blessed free-throw line
That place of center
Where movement and breathing
Aren't just taken for granted
But are firmly yet softly and harmoniously planted
Like the tallest of trees
That once was a seed
As the gentlest breeze
That touches all the grand seas
With the greatest of ease
Here and Now
Becomes the only place and time to Be
Not just bouncing the ball
But, The Bouncing Ball
At the line
Is found
Our When and Where
The within of all that surrounds
And this is The Zen of Basketball

copyright (c) michael mayer 2007

(I'm sorry for making

(I'm sorry for making comments on your writing, Mike! I'll stop it if it's annoying.)

This poem reminded me of a characteristic scene in the film "What the bleep do we know?". The boy throws the basketball at Amanda and initiates her into quantum physics by appearing simultaneously at 10 different points in the court. From all these concurrent choices of standing as players in the field, we have to pick one and this one should be as Mike says "the blessed free-throw line that place of center where movement and breathing aren't just taken for granted". Excellent wording!



:)'s to You, Are You

:)'s to You, Are You Maria...Gloria commented to me once about being an apprieciator...You Dearest One are an Appreciator...You wish for all life to appreciate and respect all of life...You want us all to smile and Be as One...i'm glad, inspired to hear from you...i love sharing, communicating...and this is also another response to your prior question know the reality that we offer your realness to the world and wish for this realness to be the order of the day for will...and in the meantime, know the specialness that is your Truth, that Is certainly have made me feel specialness inside...namaste as well...mike

p.s. i started watching that film but didn't get more than 5 minutes into it and then had to return it the next day..i'll rent it again...have u heard of the Secret? it seems to be very popular nowadays, here in the states

Mike, thank you for calling

Mike, thank you for calling me an appreciator. I read today in a Master Kuthumi's Channeling that I posted on the forum earlier that detachment and gratefulness is what it takes to be a Master of Ascension. I won't elaborate on that because Master Kuthumi explains things better than me :big

I haven't heard about the Secret. Thanks for the info! I'll google it in a minute.
"What the bleep" is quite a good film from my perspective. I have some quibbles about the plot but all in all ,is a phenomenal movie and I'm sure that when you watch it, you'll want to recommend it to every "New Age beginner" you happen to meet.

Now, let's find out about the Secret....