your thoughts

Christ Let His Light Shine

God said:

Everything goes in its own way and in its right time. You have wondered how it is that I can say all is well, even when, in your eyes, all is not well. All is well with you, beloveds, even when you are in the midst of that which you do not favor. Let it be. It is like this:

You are a swimming fish. There may be algae floating and other fish swimming in the same pond, some toward you, some in your way, and fish that you are, you do not mind. You just keep swimming. If there is an octopus, you still keep swimming. Nothing is in the way unless you say so.

Through Whose Eyes?

God said:

When you know how powerful you are, you will know how powerful your thoughts and words are. Therefore, demean no one, not yourself, not anyone.

It seems elementary to say, Be kind, and yet it has to be said. Be kind. Be kind to yourself as well. Be kind with what you say to yourself. Talk to yourself the way I talk to you with love unbounded. You will never hear Me say: "You idiot, what did you do that for?" Not even in jest will I. Yet you have been known to say or think that to yourself, and you, beloved, are a child of God! How can you speak to a child of Mine in that manner?

Beyond Reason

God said:

All the whys and wherefores put you on a treadmill from which you can never get off. So long as you look for reasons or THE reason, you go around in circles. You race nowhere. All you know is what appears to be. There is the sense in which you need to accept that there is no cause. B does not always follow A or lead to C. This acceptance can free you to move on in a new direction of thought and life. Reason lies on the surface and does not go beneath.

What Your Mind Could Be

God said:

Nothing dismays you but your thoughts.

Your mind sets you up. It has been set for discouragement or defeat. You can reset the dial of your mind. Set your mind to reconfigure itself with encouragement and delight. Encouragement and delight are your allies. Discouragement repeats itself and holds you back.

When you bake a cake, you have a recipe. You assemble the ingredients. You put them in the bowl in a certain order. You chop and stir and blend. You pour the batter into a pan, and you pop the pan into the oven, and later you take the pan out.

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