Your Heart Knows

God said:

Whither goes your heart, beloved? What draws it? What pulls it out? Where does it want to go? Let it.

Your heart is like a dowser. It knows where the gold is. You only think you do. Have you not sometimes had a desire fulfilled only to discover it becomes like dust falling through your fingers? What was the big deal, you later ask yourself. Why did it matter so much when it matters not at all?

Sometimes a desire is like a crink in your heart. Perhaps your intellect intervened. Your mind told your heart you'd better have this or better have that, and when achieved, you discover the desire was not much and maybe not even your own. Perhaps you used the muscle of your heart to appease a decision of the intellect.

Perhaps your mind told your heart: "You want this. Everyone else wants it. It must be precious. Knock yourself out to get it."

Perhaps all the while there was a little nugget in your heart that you dropped off along the way, perhaps forgot about, forgetting that desires are to be fulfilled. Perhaps you pulled someone else's desire down from a tree and left your own by the wayside.

All of this is another way to say, Let your ego go. Ego is a false prophet. It brings you no boons. Perhaps ego gets you carried on the shoulders of the world for a while, and then, beloveds, what then? The cheering crowds leave, and you are left alone with the echoes of the hurrahs and you are left wondering. Your wondering is like horse hoofs in the distance.

I am not suggesting that you regret. I am suggesting that you listen to your heart more than you listen to anything else. Your heart is your true friend. It would be your guide on Earth. The guide of your heart does not have a fancy uniform, for it is a simple guide who will lead you over all terrain. Your heart knows the way.

Or consider your heart a beautiful flower. It is beautiful all on its own. Yet it is a flower dependent on you for water. Yes, its blooming takes a little care from you. There may be more glamorous flowers out there, but this flower is yours to tend. Be proud of it. Your heart is an altar to Me. I gave your heart to you, and now you offer it to Me. Say, "Thy Heart, my Father, Thy heart be done."

Your heart is holy. It must be. Left to its own devices, it can only be. But the Human heart has been dressed in sophisticated clothes, or plastered with mustard and ketchup, or hidden away in a corner like a poor relative. Place the flower of your heart right on your dining-room table or in your foyer. Let your heart be seen. See it take its rightful place.

Your heart is a star. There are many unseen stars. They shine anyway. Unseen stars are not dependent upon their being noticed. They are dependent upon their own shining. Seen or not, starlight reaches you. It has reached you. As you love every star in the firmament, love your heart. This is not a leap of faith. It is a leap of joy. Your heart has risen. Your heart is here.

Your heart is not a foundling left on your doorstep. Your heart is yours. And it is you who is to raise it. You raise it to full-heartedness. You raise it to Me.

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My fondness for you turns into a gentle love....

"Your heart is not a foundling left on your doorstep. Your heart is yours. And it is you who is to raise it. You raise it to full-heartedness. You raise it to Me".

Raising hearts the growing and blooming of flowers in the field of our my fondness for you turns into a gentle love. Jim.