You Own Everything

God said:

No longer are you to feel: “This is mine,” which is the same as feeling: “This is not anyone’s but mine. This is not yours. It has my name on it, not yours. It is all mine.”

No longer do you possess, and no longer do you deny. What you deny is the sovereignty of Oneness. When you have to have, you affirm lack. When you don’t have to have, you affirm abundance. When you affirm abundance, you also affirm love and the brotherhood of man.

This is not sacrifice, beloveds. This is not reduction. This is expansion. You do not give up anything in order to go beyond ownership. Frankly, what is ownership but hoarding? Which is greater? To hoard or to share? Of course, you can share in what is only tokenly yours in the first place, beloveds. When there is not selfishness, sharing is no longer something necessary to think about.

You are like a child who says: “These are my marbles. This is my toy horse. This is my mother’s wooden spoon.” A child is trying to identify himself in the world. You went through that long ago. Now you are drifting away from your identification in a demarked world. Rather, you know your True Identity now, so all the rest of this charade becomes nonsense to you now.

You own nothing. You own everything.

There is one heartbeat, and it is Mine. I gave everything to you so you may give everything. Notice I did not say I gave everything away. Nor do you give away. There is no away. Away-ness does not exist. Oneness exists.

When there is the concept of “yours and mine”, division begins. We, you and I, are not here on Earth to divide anything. We are not here to sort life into piles. We are not taking from the rich to give to the poor. We are not taking from anyone. We are giving to everyone. Which one who is truly wealthy would want anyone to be poor?

You own far more than the deed of your house and the jewelry you keep in it. Ownership is too limited a view. Now you are expanding your vision, not narrowing it.

Really now, what blade of grass can you designate as yours? What grain of sand on the beach? Which ocean? They all are yours, and they are all everyone else’s too. When this greater thinking is embraced in mass awareness, when hearts are great and selfishness is a thing of the past, who can be a thief? What will there be to steal? Who would want to furtively take that which belongs to him already? No longer will We speak of the rights of all. We are speaking of the blessings of all.

No new laws will be passed. Laws will not be needed. There will be high consciousness instead. No one will be unemployed. All will be employed in love. There will be no formal welfare. No one will be in need. All will be givers, and respect will be given as well.

There will be no authority but the authority of love. Love will become seamless. There will not even be your love or someone else’s love. There will be love. All hearts will be understood. There will be no misunderstanding.

The world will have risen. The world cannot rise and stay the same. All will be new. You will be new. You will be newly uplifted. Ascension is not something you observe, beloveds. It is something you are. You are ascended.

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Life is a state of

Life is a state of Mind.
Love is a powerful change agent.

What a beautiful concept - the oneness of everything releases us from individual ownership and longing. All is - all is one - all belongs to everyone. In this oneness we also see that every movement, every thought, brings something to the ALL. I want to bring the blessings and make a difference for the ALL by loving first and acting second.

A challenge for me has been

A challenge for me has been in relationships - feeling that "this one is mine" - and now I begin to see ...

In other things I'm happier when I share - especially food at my dinner table, I love to cook for visitors, especially my children's friends - they have always brought fun with them. Keeps me young at heart!


Relationships are really

Relationships are really where we can learn a lot, I mean many of our problems are out of relationships, ... :)

I love your cooking for others dear Chris, for I too love to cook, not that I'm much good at, I have so little time, and I share the joy of cooking for the friends of your children! I think cooking, preparing a meal with love and and a nice table, is one of the most wonderful ways to express our love. Also doing the cooking together with friends and have a nice chat is a wonderful way to be together I think. :Rolleyes:

Love and blessings to you dear Heaven Cook ! 8)

HEAVEN #2442 You Own

HEAVEN #2442 You Own Everything, August 2, 2007

God said:
No longer are you to feel:

My understanding is that feeling is our connection with God, so I don't understand what God means here, or is there a word or words missing?

Thanks, Ron Hall

The whole context is: "No

The whole context is: "No longer are you to feel: "This is mine," which is the same as feeling: "This is not anyone's but mine. This is not yours. It has my name on it, not yours. It is all mine."

If God had used the verb "say" instead of "feel" this might have gone down better for you. Do you think so? We can refrain from saying something, but how do we refrain from feeling what we feel. Is this what you mean, dear Ron?

God isn't telling us not to feel. He is saying not to be possessive.

God's point, of course, is that we are to foster Oneness rather than separation, Oneness rather than ownership, sharing rather than hoarding.

#2440 Let Your Heart Speak Freely, July 31, 2007 begins with: 'If you are not presently generous, learn to be."

I believe God is saying the same thing. Better to come from abundance rather than lack.

Bernie Siegel wrote that the heart is the cord that binds together the spiritual and the physical. Melvin Morse, M.D., talks about an actual God Spot in the heart.

There is a Heavenletter -- not sure if it's coming up or went out recently -- in which God suggests we know the difference between following our heart and following our emotions.

Your question brings up so many topics! There is more and more I think of to say. For instance, when we're feeling angry or hateful, God wouldn't tell us to act on our feelings. No matter how angry, it's better if we don't kill someone.

Please tell us what you feel now.

With love and blessings,


1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Oneness is
Your true identity now
This is expansion

Love, Light and Aloha!