You Can Godwrite!

You can hear God's words. Everyone can. You don't have to be anything at all but what you already are. All it takes is the desire, the asking, and the listening. God does the rest.

I call the process of writing down God's words Godwriting™. Therefore, we have Godwriting workshops. The finished writing that I personally do and are emailed out every day, I call Heavenletters™. The finished writing that those who learn at workshops do, we call Heavenpetals.

Bev, a single businesswoman, writes to God every day, and has from the beginning. This sample of her Godwriting™ comes from the second day of the workshop she attended years ago:

"Ask for the resistance to go. There are layers. Ask every time you come to a new layer. In asking is the healing. Writing is an action that helps release the blocks. You write to Me, and blocks within yourself are dissolved. Don't delay. Now is the time. Start Somewhere, and it will come to you."

Johanna, a web designer, didn't just doubt that she could Godwrite. She was SURE she COULDN'T. See her first Heavenletter writing, written after only a few hours at a workshop:

Johanna to God::
Dear God, why am I having so many problems in my personal relationships?

"You are not having problems in your relationships. You are reaching out to encompass the world and, in that, losing the identities of those around you. They are as you of mind and body. Free as blossoms floating in air on wind.

"Accept all occasions as waves or currents meeting in an ocean, touching and whispering to one another in certain directions but ultimately letting each take their own paths. Love is not lost. Feelings do not change. The heart loves. But as atoms move in the air so do all mankind."

J.R, owner of a technical recruiting firm, very busy businessman, didn't want his Godwriting to be long and flowing like the daily Heaven Letters, and he got what he desired! More of this at the workshop.

Abby, 19-year old college student, found herself through her own Heavenletter writing.

A Heaven subscriber mentioned that he doesn't understand how Heavenletters™ are written because he could never do that. He said that they “…must come from God."

That’s just right. This is exactly how I feel! I don’t understand either. I am not capable of this, and of course, I know I'm not the one who does it! The love and wisdom couldn’t possibly come from me! They come regardless of my individuality. Every time I Godwrite, I am amazed. Every day I shake my head and wonder how can this be. How can it be that God uses my hand to be His loving instrument?. Yet God has said that we all are His instruments. And there are no requirements except to be a human being! God says we don't have to get dressed up for Him!

For the half hour or so every day that God’s words come through me, my individual self is put aside. This is not against my will. I certainly have the intention, and yet it is beyond my will. I could will this from dawn to dusk, but it is God’s Will that comes in and makes a Heavenletter.

The Heavensubscriber who thinks he could never Godwrite is mistaken. He could. Everyone can. It is inherent in each one of us, and there is no difference between any one of us. None of us has the capability. God does, and we can hear God whisper ever so faintly. We hear subtle sound.

In the Godwriting™ workshops, everyone who comes finds himself or herself Godwriting. And no one is sure of himself, and everyone finds it hard to believe, and yet when the words written down are read and we receive their power, our egos are dismantled, and we know something wonderful has happened and somehow we have been, despite everything, unassuming instruments of the One God.

I do not know how to teach Godwriting anymore than I know how to Godwrite. God comes in and teaches us. Yet, it seems to me, that He doesn’t teach it either. He is just there speaking to Us, and in a workshop, we clear ourselves enough out of the way so that we dare to hear and dare to write down. There is nothing that God cannot do. He can even bring us to a workshop. He can even help us to hear Him and write down what He says. There is no other explanation I can think of.

During the time that we are Godwriting, we are very aware of what we are doing and what’s going on in the room. This is not a trance state.

We may even be writing down something that doesn’t seem to be special or doesn’t even seem to make sense. And yet, when we read over what we wrote down, we read it as if we had never seen it before, and we glimpse its specialness and are in awe. All in the room at a workship know that the words they read aloud, or the words they hear someone else read, are from a special level of Creation.

Every time I read over a Heavenletter, I am amazed. It could be today’s Heavenletter or one from three years ago, and each Heavenletter is timely and each is new and each casts its spell, and it is always a miracle that I got to be the tiniest part of it. It is the same for the Godwriters of Heavenpetals.

God attends every Godwriting™ workshop. And you are invited.