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When I translate from English to German, there is one major difficulty.It is how to approach the word "you." In German we have two words for this, "du" and "ihr." I am translating a transcript by Jeshua. He has addressed a group of people in his talks, called THE WAY OF THE HEART. My friends in Germany, who help me with the translation, feel differently how this "you" is to be translated. One feels it needs to be "ihr", which is the plural and the other one likes to use "du", which is the singular because she feels that then Jeshua is speaking personally to her.
The same problem occurs in the translation of the Heavenletters. God speaks to all and just to you personally. No problem in English because 'you' can be either. What are we, who don't have this simple answer, to do then?
Any suggestions how you (plural and singular! :-)) have handled this?
Love, Veronika

Dear Veronika, I have the

Dear Veronika,
I have the same problem in Italian, but I noticed that the Letters flow more easily if I use the plural. There are some Letters that seem to address everyone personally, so those I translate with the singular. But they are quite rare. Sometimes I start translating in singular, but then the translation turns naturally back to plural, so I have to go back and correct the beginning. Mostly I think God is speaking to Humankind in general. I think the best thing to do is to listen to your own heart and follow the flow.

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Your are right, dear Paula.

Your are right, dear Paula. God is speaking to us alle the time and translating is intuitive not intellectual though we use the intellect as a servant.
Love, Veronika

Sehr Liebe Veronika, I had

Sehr Liebe Veronika,

I had the same difficulty but later I had an inspiration:

God says: BELOVED-S , When HE says beloved-S, I think He adresses a crowd, PLURAL, people all. So for that kind of expressions and MOSTLY, MOSTLY, MOSTLY I use the plural pronouns.

Liebe Grusse :big


I get it! One is All and All

I get it! One is All and All is One. It doesn't matter at all. God knows only One and this One is Him, you and all!!!

And one more thing dears, I

And one more thing dears, I agree with Paula, when I use plural pronouns the letters flow more easily, in a musical way.... :wub:

I had the same problem here

I had the same problem here in French for my first translation of a Heavenletter.
And I'm glad I could find the answer here. Thank you Paula and Engin, as I do agree with what you expressed before. (Indeed, the word "beloveds" helps a lot ! :) )

I see you are already at

I see you are already at play -- I mean work!

God bless all the translators.

You are very welcome, dear

You are very welcome, dear France :thumbup:


Dear friends, quite some

Dear friends,

quite some time ago, i was thinking of this problem.
and we decided to make the "you" form in a singular translation.
God speaks to the person who reads it.
imho it is more personal and reaches the heart of the reader best.
i remember the cermons at church, when the priest would always speak in a plural form. i could and would not take any thing personal then.
but when i am spoken to in a singular way, i can understand and find these things as being spoken of, specially to myself.
of course to others too, but more personal.

i do not mind changing to the plural form ... plz enlighten me, sweeties

May God bless you, always,

English gives us an easy way

English gives us an easy way out in this whole issue.

I personally think each translator had best decide this for himself or herself. Which feels better to the translator?

I don't think there is a perfect answer.

Even in English, God isn't always consistent! I mean, He will sometimes say Beloved singular, and sometimes Beloveds plural.

I really would say to do it the way that feels best to you. We can only do the best we can.

I am sure that God is pleased with what each translator does.

Gloria encouraged me to jump

Gloria encouraged me to jump just into the middle of YOU ALL, and now I am very glad about it... found a lot of most inspiring answers...

Today I just thought about using singular or plural. Sometimes it is obvious. I think it can be very peaceful to use BOTH and not to decide for one of them (like we Germans do). It is almost perfect to have just one word, to me it seems to underline our relatedness, solidarity, connection....

I feel so comfortable to read "you" and translate it "Ihr" and "euch", which are plural. It´s a bit like "unity vs. individuality"....

In the end I let my heart choose.... can never be wrong when I translate and ask for Heaven´s Help- every soul will be reached just the way that is the most usefull one.

Oh, you are all pretty wonder- ful! Full of wonders! I love this language, and mine as well, and most of all I love all this words filled with LOVE AND LIGHT. We can´t do any mistakes, that´s for sure...

Lynn Claudia

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