God said:

Say to Me:

"Oh, God, how beautiful are You. You created me. You gave me life. You gave me Eternal Life. You gave me Heaven to experience while I am on Earth. You gave me Earth to experience while I am in Heaven. You gave me me, and You gave me You. And You said, 'Let's dance.'

"When I experience a full heart, as I do in this moment of appreciation of Creation and my place in it, I am swirling in Your heart of appreciation. When I feel fullness, I am absorbing Your appreciation. I am feeling what You feel.

"When I feel less than appreciation, I have diverged from Your thought and run off on some peccadillo of my own. The good thing is that I am out of Your arms only for a moment. The momentum of Our dance swings me back to You. Even within my skipping out on You is my return to You.

"If You always keep me in Your view, then how can it be said that I ever left? Your eyes and heart hold me as strongly as Your arms. When You have kept me in Your heart, then that is where I am, and for a tiny time, I only think I have gone off somewhere by myself to play in the sand.

"The only thoughts worth having are Yours. What good are my little thoughts, my petty arguments with myself, my little pirouettes on the dance floor, my fussing, my fussiness. What care I about little ribbons in my hair or how they are mussed when I am clasped to Your heart?

"Dear God, how can I spend so much of my God-given life on the folly that I do? I am clasped to Your heart, and yet I play around with fear, and I go to dark corners. I play hide and seek with You Who knows exactly where I am, and You kindly let me play and You kindly wait for me.

"How kind are You, this beautiful God of mine! You give Yourself to me, and You wait for me to accept You. You are beyond patience. You are patience incarnate.

"You bend down to tie my shoes. You bend down to teach me You. You give me all the paraphernalia, and I drop some of it in my hurry to run off.

"You are my curriculum. And I think my course of study is something else. I put You in the background, an assignment I will get to later when all else is done. But all else is never done. By its own nature, it is never done, and so I put you off, You, Who is never done with me.

"I may forsake You, but You never forsake me. Somehow, amidst my strife, You hold me valuable. You hold me in trust. Your trust, which is the same as Your knowingness, calls me back to the center of You. I may amble along. I may divert and revert, but I cannot resist Your call. Your heart calls to mine, and so I am Yours.

"Help me to hasten to You, dear Lord. Help me to leap back into Your arms that have ever held me. Help me to leave the junkyard of my thoughts and enter into Truth. Lift me out of the dinge I have put myself in. No matter how shiny or pleasant or worldly my life, I have abandoned myself when I do not avail myself of You and present myself to You in all Your glory.

"Oh, never mind about me, dear Lord. Let me mind about You. Let me tend to You. Let me be the conscious receiver of Your wares, and let me peddle Your thoughts. Let me not wander from Your side. Let me not pretend any longer that I can get along without You. Help me to know how to stay by Your side and assist You in Your life's work. Let me be of benefit to You. Let Me be You in thought and deed, and then I will have realized You and realized myself as You have always realized me. Help me to be real. Help me to go to You and receive My blessings from the One God of the Universe."

And I, your One God, say, "Yes." I say, "Yes." I say, "Yes," to My children. I say, "Yes," to you. "Yes."

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How lovely that you found

How lovely that you found this! You answered God. You said Yes! And so you point us to this Heavenletter. It is an unforgettable one, yet I had forgotten it! Thanks, Tri. Post a lot, will you? Maybe you would make a list of the special Heavenletters you find. If you will, get a list to together and post them. Maybe we will be able to make an e-book of them.

A thousand blessings! Love, Gloria