Within Reach

God said:

You try to settle in to life, but life is not like that. Life moves beneath your very feet, and you are escalated even as you stand still. One way or another, you move in life. You might as well give in and move with grace. Perhaps nothing in the world is to stay the same. If that is the case, and it has been proven to be time and time again, then perhaps you will do well to consider change as less of an intruder to be stopped and more as a guest to be welcomed cordially. In the relative world, change is supposed to be. It is not to be opposed. It is to be run with.

There exists that which is changeless, but that isn't the way of life in the world. There has not been a moment of your physical life that was without change. With every breath, change. Blood courses through your veins. It does not stay still. And you, a Human Being, move along in life, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

What would happen if you did not resist change? What if you welcomed all change and saw it as a wonderful overture, perhaps as a window that opens further, or as a new door to go through. Perhaps you are an enchanted being who must go through many doors in order to find yourself. Perhaps you will open an unsuspected door and find yourself on the other side of it. Certainly, there are doors you must go through.

Perhaps there are swinging doors. Let them swing.

There is rhythm and grace to life. And silence runs through it all. You, the opener of doors, are silence supreme. And yet I tell you that you are to move in the world. You are moving the world up as you go along. Because of all the activity and implosion in the world, you think you are noise. Please do not mix up the soul of you and your body. Of course, while you are on Earth, one accompanies the other. When you leave your body behind, the silence of you continues. The body is a gift you opened, and then you leave the wrappings. You are the content of the package, and you can only stay with yourself whatever form you happen to be in.

So now you know that on Earth you are always in transition. You are always moving from one stone to another in a beautiful stream of life on Earth. There is no arrival. There is always need to keep moving.

Life is something to be stirred. It stirs you and you stir it. Otherwise, it gets stuck in the pan.

This is how your life is an adventure. Your life is not a closed thing. It is wide open. That means opportunity. Are you afraid of opportunity?

Life is not a closet. It is not a storage place. It is an open docket. It is a page turner. It is one development after another. It is open. Life is an opening, and you are open to it. If there were no openings in life, where would you be and what would you be doing here?

Will you be even a little bit glad for change? Will you no longer push against it? Will you no longer tremble at it? Will you swim in the water of life? Will you surge ahead? Not because something is chasing you, but because there is something wonderful bobbing in the water right ahead of you. It may not yet be in sight, but it is within reach, beloveds.