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Why are you Here?

Why are you Here?

God Said:

I hear many of my children calling out to me in wonderment and amazement asking me to tell them what their purpose on earth is. Many don’t understand or conceive of any purpose, just mere physical existence. Others feel their real existence is to serve and love me. Others think that they have to have some special calling or ordination to do this.

So, why are you here? What if I told you the answer and it was too simple for you? Would you really accept if of me? You ask me these questions because you think God has a hidden agenda and idea of what you should be doing. Notice the emphasis on the “doing” word.

Because of your upbringing your parents oftentimes imitated what they heard from their parents and so on. In other words, they mimicked what they had heard and programmed you a certain way. Of course, all of this was quite innocent and sincere on their part. No parent comes into the world with a manual that tells them how to parent a child or children. They do the best they know how and they usually fall back on the automatic pilot of… “I will raise my kids like my parents raised me, only better”. This they do, because after all, they might have turned out alright, as far as their perception is. So, they do the same thing with you as their child.

They parrot or mimic what they learned. They say, “My father, or mother, did it this way and it worked well for me, and I will teach my child the same”. They think this is the way to do it and they wonder later why it might have failed. At least, that is their perception. They just don’t realize that every thing that was taught to them can’t be implemented on a “cookie cutter” for their offspring. Have you noticed that every child born into this world is unique and different and they are not cookie cutters of you? They might resemble you, but the rest of them are fully unique.

No, I made them all unique, with special abilities that they themselves might not be aware of. The enlightened parent is one that looks for these special abilities and talents of each individual child and directs them to this, in a gentle and loving manner, even as I do to you. This makes all the difference in the world for the child and the parent. Each one that is born of your loins is special and unique and has a divine purpose as well as an earthly purpose. You cannot put them in a box as your parents might have done to you. This theory of yours breaks down and seemingly fails. But, ah, my plans and purposes for them never fail.

After you train them the best you know how, I take over. Many of you parents think your children just didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to turn out…and that is correct. They cannot be you, neither can you be them…they are unique and special and oh so loved by their creator, God. You cannot put them in a box and expect good things to materialize for them. Let them be themselves. Why is it that you think you must change everyone that is not like you? Are you the end all, be all? No, I love you and I know you are complete and perfect as I created you…but you don’t know this as I desire you to know it completely. You think for your children instead of letting them make decisions on their own. Right, wrong or indifferent, they need to start making decisions for themselves. Quit playing God in their precious lives and let them be the expression of who they are in this world. They are all unique pieces of me. I am expressing in and through each one. The human experience allows for errors. Will temporary errors be made by your children? Yes, but this too will pass, they mature, just as you matured.

Why do you parents try to micromanage them so much? Are you afraid of something? Are you afraid that if you don’t do this for them, or that for them, that they will turn out to be failures, or worse in your eyes, street people, or homeless? And, what if they turn out that way? Does that mean you have blown it or failed? Does that mean they as individuals have blown it or failed? No!

Have you gotten it yet? There are no failures! All are successes. You just don’t perceive it that way. In your small mind you perceive setbacks as failures. Everyone comes to this planet with built in set-backs or obstacles that are waiting for you to transcend. You came into the world with a pre-set plan. One, you and I agreed upon. Yes, you agreed with this life that you are living. You knew what you were getting into. You asked for it and I gave it to you knowing full well that in your eternalness you were able to transcend all obstacles and barriers to your seeming success as a human being.

You were so excited and even ecstatic about it. You thought it would be a wonderful experience because you had challenges from the previous existence that you had not quite mastered. And, you wanted another opportunity to transcend. You were excited about the parents you had agreed upon, your siblings, and your soul mates that would show up when needed.

You arrived though with a blank slate so as to not interfere with the lessons you wanted to learn in this life. Some of you don’t understand why the memory is blanked but there is a divine purpose in this so that you are not carrying over in this life anything that could hinder your present growth. You will all understand this divine plan in a fuller way when you get back home. You will proclaim… “Wow, what an awesome plan we made
Together God”. And, I agree!

Some of you I hear complaining about this agreement we made and why you were to come to this planet. Some, are even mad at me for “conning” them into it. Of course, when they transition they realize their own silliness. There are no mistakes my child!

You are in the right place at the right time. The time is what you call NOW. Forgive yourselves for your past and forgive others that have harmed you physically, mentally, materially and even spiritually. You would not be who you are today without them. What you can’t remember is that this was part of the plan on earth, and they agreed to help you get where you wanted to be as far as your soul’s growth and evolution.

Accept life for what it is and quit trying to change everything or micromanage the universe. You have a hard enough time managing your own life…would you not agree?
Why not do what you are here to do, and to be in this life, and let me manage the rest?

Do you not fully trust me to do the best for you? Do you not trust me to manage the affairs of the universe? I know, you think this is an absurd statement. But, I am asking you to trust your God and to fully understand that there is nothing I would personally do to hurt or harm you. Even, your parents wouldn’t do it purposely to you, even as you would not hurt, or harm your children either.

Accept life for what it is. Don’t try to change yourself or any other person. Just be yourself instead of trying to be someone you are not. That is why you were created in the first place…to be you. There is only one of you, and aren’t you thankful for this?

Your purpose is to be the full expression of who you are, know that I am expressing through you completely. There is no one quite like you my child. Why not accept yourself for a change? I don’t try to change you, so don’t try to change yourself or anyone else.

I love you more than you know,


Submitted by: D. Scott Arant