Whose Planet Is This If Not Yours?

God said:

It doesn't matter how many people know you or who you know. What matters is that I know you, and you know Me.

What if you adopt the idea that you have done everything right in your life instead of wrong? How would you feel then? What would you make your life into then?

What if your thinking has been skewed? I tell you that it has. If you do not know your Human and Divine worth, your thinking is off.

You do not yet see as I see, yet you can right now confess that your seeing is limited.

You can see that you have vacated your true effervescence and made of yourself a stick figure instead.

At least admit that you have accepted less than is yours to accept. You have accepted less than is offered to you. Do you think it is polite to refuse all that is offered to you? Do you think it is polite to accept only a small portion? Life is not a cake to take only a small slice of. To whom did I give life if not to you? Whose planet is this if not yours? What destiny do you hold in your hands?

If you changed your thinking one one-hundredth of a millimeter, your whole life would change. Your life is changing willy-nilly, but you can be the changer of it. Certainly there is something you want to change.

I am telling you that you need to expand your thinking. How you expand your thinking is to consider that your thoughts are not in a perfect place right now. You have dug them in, but they do not need to stay. That one admission frees old thoughts to go and makes room for new versions of your life. Aspire to greater.

But you like your old eyeglasses. You are used to them, these spectacles that see only so far and one way and not another.

What do you fear would happen if you let go of some of your present thinking?

You are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are a small part of you, but you follow them a lot. Your thoughts predicate you, your thoughts wherever they come from and wherever they go.

Do some unthinking. Old thoughts clutch you, and you will do well to loosen their tentacles. You have no obligation to your thoughts. You can trade them in without a backward glance.

You can start new circuits.

Perhaps some of your entrenched thinking is valid, but I would not bet on it. You live in a topsy-turvy world, and maybe your thinking needs to be upended or done away with altogether.

You have not thought enough of yourself. You know that is so. You have undermined yourself at every turn. You have been like the shy man in a Western movie who says, "Aw, shucks." Have you not? Have you not turned away from recognition of yourself?

Take a new look at yourself right now. What might you like to become? How much of your true self are you willing to take on? How much truth will you look at squarely in the eye?

You have been an imposter. You have made yourself appear less than you are, only because you could not believe your good fortune, you could not believe that I made you pure gold in My image, and so you have made little of yourself. But you can take greater strides now. You can come out of hiding. You have done a good job of hiding. Now do better at revealing.

You are entering a new stage in your life. You are stepping up higher. Take off the hat you presently wear and bare your head so that old thinking can get out and so that you can be seen.

You know, in Heaven, there are no hats, no uniforms, no rich, no poor, no college degrees, no menial, no haughty, so why do you kid yourself that you are a career or any other happenstance in life?

You are the occurrence of Me.

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❝Perhaps some of your

❝Perhaps some of your entrenched thinking is valid, but I would not bet on it. You live in a topsy-turvy world, and maybe your thinking needs to be upended or done away with altogether.❞