Who You Really Are

God said:

Where in the world are you? Your body may be in a street in a certain country, yes. I did not ask you where your body is located. You are not your body, so I am asking you where your soul is. It is with Me.

You, who are in Heaven with Me, are also the center of the world. You are the hub of the world. You are not this isolated body in one country or another. You are a mainstay of the Universe. You ARE the Universe.

This is hard for you to believe. You see yourself more as a cog. Nevertheless, you are the mainstay of the world. Mighty are you.

I suppose We could say that you are a slat that holds up a futon and that each slat counts, yet I am saying more than that. I say that you are the mainspring of the world. Your significance is tremendous. Your contribution is tremendous. I will go so far as to say that you are the determinant of the world. You are the balancer of it.

You probably think: “What difference does it make whether I am on Earth or not. People drop off all the time like flies, one after another.”

I am saying that, while your body is on Earth, your body that houses a soul from Heaven, the presence of your soul on Earth makes all the difference in the world. You are a soul on Earth. Souls are vital. You are vital to the Universe.

I am not just giving you a pep talk. I am pointing out to you that you are not just one word on a page. You are the whole page.

I am not just saying that you are one finger on a hand, and each finger is important. I am not just saying that you are caught up in the world, or the world is caught up in you. I am saying that you have a significance far greater than you ever thought or dreamed of.

It was once thought that one man held up the world. His name was Atlas. Whatever your name is, you hold up the world. You are the world’s significant other.

You say that I am saying this to everyone, so you scoff at the idea, or you laugh at it. You say I say this to everyone, and so you say that what I say makes no sense at all.

I say that you, you, whoever you are, have tremendous power. No one has more. You think there are many who have more power than you. In fact, you may feel powerless. This is a mistake in your thinking.

I am telling you that you are more than a key player. You are THE player.

You are the Only One. Take Me seriously. The state of the world depends on you. It does not depend on anyone else but you. You are responsible for everything. You, yes, you. I am talking to you.

You may hold the world by a string, and yet you are the upholder of the world. You are its centrifuge. The world takes its cues from you. You determine the weather and everything.

I know you depend on Me, and yet I also depend on you. I am depending on you now.

All are One. You are One. You are My One. I kid you not. Upon you, everything relies. You might as well know that everything is a reflection of you. The song you sing reverberates, and you are the only singer in the whole wide world.

You think you are Clark Kent. You are Clark Kent in disguise only. I am telling you that you are really Superman. You are Superman at My behest. I know what I created. You don’t know. You are the kingpin of the world. Make the world wonderful. There is only you to do it.

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Can i make a request for the

Can i make a request for the next reading ? I want the channelor to tell me how i can make a difference in this world, Because God keeps saying im powerful but im not, How can i find this power ? Please acept my request

Beloved Robbie, there is so

Beloved Robbie, there is so much I want to say to you. First of all, read Heavenletters! It's unlikely that one Heavenletter can give you what you want, but many, little by little, will. There are so many Heavenletters on the very subject you are looking for.

I may be speaking out of turn here, but, if God says you are powerful, you can believe him! God says you already have this power you are seeking.

Robbie, as I understand channel, I do not channel Heavenletters. I do not choose a topic for Heavenletters. God chooses. I don't know what the Heavenletter I will write down this morning will be about. I do know that a Heavenletter or more comes every morning.

You are asking a wonderful question. My feeling is that, by your setting an intention, you will quickly begin to see what you are looking for.

Please keep posting here. Thank you.

God bless you.

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where your soul is

Yes, you and I, whoever you are, are different only in the most insignificant external details like age, location, gender, color of skin, hair, eyes, political affiliation, religious denomination, world view, nationality, status, income. We talk as if we were two, and if we bump into each other on a street corner in our haste, it might even hurt. In reality, we are one. One does not mean very close or kin but the same. Seeing "same" is called love. We are identical, there is only one of us. Perhaps you could say we are so many eyes of our one self.

If only I truly knew it! But I do kind of know. There is just this wheelbarrow full of beliefs I've peen pushing so long it feels like a part of myself, not like something I could put down and walk away from. Mentation took over and split me billions of times from myself, and now those billions of myself are seeking solutions to any number of imagined problems like ego and anger and unhappiness and, most of all, powerlessness. And the searching itself, together with the solutions found, is what affirms and maintains the imagined billionfold split. Beliefs have their own momentum. Down with beliefs, especially with the really dangerous ones, the indisputably correct ones like I am I and you are you.

There is nothing to do. There is only to remember, and remembering isn't done. Here is a quotation of sorts, quite garbled, really:

You are the only singer in the whole wide world, not just one word on a page but the whole page, everything is a reflection of you. You are One, you are the only one, you determine the weather and everything, you are the universe.

Dear Lord and Gloria, THank

Dear Lord and Gloria,

THank you for this beautiful Heaven Letter. It is difficult to know what our paths will lay before us but the truth You've shared, Dear Lord, is that at the end of the day, we are all here as One, In oneness, for One purpose. Please guide us with your love and gift us with the comfort to chose to use this power of Love within us, not worrying about the consequences, not worrying about the outcome but just following the guidance that we receive. I feel infinitely blessed to be within the One, the Collective Unit. It is a feeling of great relief, love and comfort. For long, oneness has been in my heart but my mind always manages to place barriers around the truth and leave me blinded in isolation. But reading Heaven Letters over the last few months has assisted these barriers to slowly fade into background. I am so thankful that we Are One. As dear Jochen said, we are many eyes of the one. Thank you Jochen, your painted picture leaves a wonderful feeling in my heart.

With love and light - in oneness... Please Guide us Lord, You are my Universe.

Is the body a limit on love and power?

Is the body part of the problem or part of the solution to the sense of separateness, limited love and limited power?

It would be hard not to recognize that our awareness of the body makes love seem limited. Because the body is a limit on love in the sense that the belief in limited love was the origin of the body. The body was made to limit the unlimited. And this is not simply an allegory because the body was made to limit us. While we see ourself in a body, can we know ourself as an idea? Everything we recognize we identify with externals, something outside itself. We cannot even think of God without a body, or in some form we think we recognize.

God cannot come into a body, nor can we join Him there. Our bodily awareness of limit on love will always seem to shut God out, and keep us apart from Him. Each body seems the dwelling place of a separate mind, a disconnected thought, living alone and in no way joined to the Thought that created it. It seems built of multiple self-contained fragments needing another for specific purposes but not getting the "whole" which would give the body any meaning.

While the body is the end product or the expression of the idea of separateness or limit, love/power knows no bodies. While bodies seem heterogenous, love/power reaches to everything created like itself (homogeneity or sameness). Its total lack of limit IS its meaning.

Such is the strange position in which we seem to be in a world inhabited by bodies. The body cannot know by itself. And since our identification with the body limits our awareness to its tiny senses, it is hard to see the magnificence of love and power that surrounds us. It is like if the body had put a tiny fence around a little part of a grandiose and complete idea. It has drawn a small circle around a tiny portion of Heaven where the mind could live its private limited life.

But if the body is only a barrier, a private circle that our mind built in a tiny portion of Heaven, can we undo this barrier? We shall ask the Great Ones, who have lived in a body on this Earth, how they have suceeded in undoing the body limitation in love and power.

There is one answer: there is nothing outside of us. Heaven is not a place nor a condition because places and conditions are limits. Heaven must be an Idea, the pure Idea of awareness of Perfect Oneness. There is nothing else outside or within this Oneness.

But how can we release the body from the idea that created it and remove the limits on love and power that our mind set itself in the body?

thank you thank you very much

dear God heavenley father,
this is so precious masseges you giveng to as,
am thankfulnes every form you created of this earth,
i am also deep bilive in your words my mind it always runing
enywher i am bilive so we have the power in our mind
and also am try to helling to my sester siknes
she is oky now and i thankfulnes to you, because you are
in my heart and my mind my inergy bery strong than ever
and thank you thank you very much dear God father,


Truly empowering. Superman, I like that, but where is Superwoman:):)



And where have you been!

i miss you very much

dear my loveng Gloria,

i miss you very much, yesterday i was hearing your voice,loveng and souftley,
and also am treineng my mind sodeepley whith God and my heart
i am medetation always see unevers in my mind and also
am enter of the sheptmovmen comperince nexweek,,
i miss you very much, my love Gloria

Beloved Carmen, are you not

Beloved Carmen, are you not receiving Heavenletters? Please tell me, dear angel.

You are definitely deeply in God's heart.


I have a family member that has been incarcerated, unjustly. I would like if you could email me something, or one of your letters that applies to this kind of situation....I send her these when I see one that she might like, but I was wondering if there was anything that would pertain to her situation. Being unjustly accused....
thank you
Susan R. Ventura

Beloved Susan, what a great

Beloved Susan, what a great family member you are.

Do you have to send Heavenletters to her via post office? I gather she does not have access to email. If she did, we sure would like to add her to the mailing list.

This has to be very hard for all of you.

Jochen, a great subscriber and Heavenletter volunteer angel in Germany, is remarkable at finding Heavenletters. I suspect, Susan, that many of us will see what we can find on your behalf. Actually, a very recently written Heavenletter is ringing a bell with me.

God bless you and your family.

Dear Susan,

There were two Heavenletters that came to mind immediately, the others I found by using our search facilities. I have no way of knowing, of course, which of the following Heavenletters might be helpful for your relative. I found the search worthwhile and helpful for myself...

I think the best way is to give you the links: