Where Your Treasure Is

God said:

Identify with Me more than you identify with anything else.

When you identify with your little body on earth, you feel fragile. The innermost depths of your heart know that your physicalness and individuality are not who you are and that they are insignificant to who you are. And yet you call all the events and their aftermath your life, as if the waxing and waning waves were your substance.

You existed before this body, and you exist after. This overt life you are in right now is an interim that goes up and down and around about. Its surface has not stability, so why do you look so much for it where it is not and will not be. Looking outside you is looking outside you. It makes you dependent upon that which can only be depended upon to shift. How many times will you be disappointed in outward life before you catch on?

Your sustenance comes not from the world. The world does not sustain you. Yes, it lifts you high, and it also drops you low.

You have always known that there has to be more to life than its performance and props and the drama that rages on stage.

There is also behind-the-scenes. This is where you arise from. And this is where you abide.

When you feel weak in life, restore yourself. The world will not restore you. Sure, it may bolster you for a while, but it will also run to something else. There are currents in life, and you ride them, but the currents are not you and do not describe you. They circumscribe you. Actually, they omit you.

The expression "Come down to earth" seems to mean to keep your vision small. Earth vision by itself disallows for Heaven. Therefore, keeping your vision small is keeping you away from the joy and meaning that you seek. If you can only see the physical, what can you feel but bereft? It is your natural heritage that you feel bereft of.

I say to you, "Come up to Heaven." Raise your thoughts higher. They have been kept low enough. That is why you feel depressed. You have kept your thoughts down. You have depressed truth. You have depressed your heart. Now uplift it.

The coins of earth cannot be the meaning of life. The meaning of life is not your physical body, your physical abode, your car, your beautiful clothes, or any success in the world. Have them, by all means. Enjoy them. But in the solitude of the night and your thoughts, you already know that successes on earth are not the meaning of your life. If they are not your meaning, then they are not what you are on earth for.

You are not one-dimensioned. You are many-dimensioned. That is what is meant by "In my Father's house, there are many mansions." Earth is only one of them.

You are not solely on earth. Knowing this, why not have the consciousness that goes with all the dimensions of you. Other dimensions are called higher, but they coexist. High and low and levels of consciousness are all man's words. They do not quite represent. It would be better to say that you are many-streamed all at once. You are a many-streamed being who has a physical body that walks on earth. It is good to be aware that you are more than this creature on earth that you pretend to be. Using man's words, I had better inform you that you are a High Being.

Treasures are not meant to be buried. They are meant to be unearthed. I am trying to unearth you now.