Where Were You When the Floors Needed to Be Swept?

God said:

I do not apologize for Life on Earth. I created a beautiful Creation, and you live in it. It is as if I am a Landlord, and I provide you with a beautiful place to live. As you live here, you kind of trash it. You let it go. You leave things around. You don’t even notice what you are doing or not doing. You take the beautiful place for granted, and, then, when your housing is no longer to your liking, you gripe about it and the Landlord.
Where were you, beloved, when the floors needed to be swept? Where were you when you stepped on flowers? Now, do you complain about the lack of flowers? Is pointing out errors your purpose?
Because you may have indigestion, would you complain to the Chef of a fine restaurant that his cooking gave you indigestion? Probably not, yet you might complain to a friend about the indigestible food at the fine restaurant. And your friend would nod his head, and say, “Yeah, isn’t that awful.” And then two of you feel above it all.
Whose responsibility is your digestion?
And yet, you complain to Me about the world you live in, seemingly separated from Me. You may even like the idea that I am, according to your perception, quite far away, rather anonymous somewhere up in the sky. You are bold about what you have to say so long as I am far away. I doubt that you would come up to Me or sit before Me and list your complaints or ask Me personally for explanations as you may rant and rave.  
Some may like to leave trash around and complain to Me about it.
This is not to say that I lack understanding of what you are displeased with. Nevertheless, I will tell you to get up out of your rocking chair and make one room in your house nice, or plant one flower, or sweep one porch. Never say there is nothing you can do. There is something you can do right now. I am not speaking of an uproar, beloveds. I am speaking of your getting up and polishing something. Literally and metaphorically, remove obstacles, and then what will there be for you to complain about?
Whatever you do or don’t do, don’t be a Monday morning quarterback, as if there is a you and there is an I on opposite sides.
You may perceive that you cannot turn the world on its axis, yet you can get up and leave complaints behind you. This is a good start. And, then, when you see something that needs attending to, you can attend to it without making a big scene about it. If there are dust bunnies under the bed, get them out.
What can you do to bring back the Garden of Eden? Pointing out errors won’t bring it back. What is the Garden of Eden? It is a metaphor. It is a beautiful metaphor. It is a beautiful metaphor, and it is a beautiful Reality. There is Truth within it. Just as love is part of your heart, so is Eden part of you.
Now you will become more purposeful. You will take part more and drag your feet less. You will put your shoulders back, and you will, on occasion, jump for joy. There is no joy in complaining. Blame is a partner of complaint.
If you don’t like the way someone set the table, add a flower to the table. Add appreciation. If you don’t love the weather, love it anyway. Go out in it.

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Gratitude, Joy and Appreciation are the game changers to bring Heaven to Earth. Blaming is to be lame...we are not lame we are Powerful beyond anything we imagine and we are good enough to make our Happy Dreams come true. It is time for humanity to delete the hard drive that is filled with viruses, and disease and replace it with heart and mind of God. When you embody fear then this beautiful world is fearful. When you embody Oneness then the world becomes a wonder filled adventure of joy, gratitude and appreciation. It is time for SelfLove always and in all ways.

Sure, but accepting

Sure, but accepting everything that comes your way is a very formidable task!

Beloved Chetan, my

Beloved Chetan, my understanding is that we want to change that way if thinking as well! Maybe we would spend less energy accepting what comes and that which we can't change anyway than to question and fight what life delivers. Sooner or later we have to come to terms with whatever it is. Better sooner. I'm also not saying that I have been good at accepting!

Thanks Gloria for the reply.

Thanks Gloria for the reply. God says that if you accept everything which comes your way, your existence itself becomes heaven.
In the meanwhile Gloria, I had asked you something in previous heavenletter (4910) which was related to the discussion between you and Will. You haven't replied yet!

Thank you, dear Chetan, for

Thank you, dear Chetan, for reminding me that you have a question pending! Now let's see if I can answer it! I'll go to Heavenletter #4910 now. What is its title!