What Hat Are You Wearing?

God said:

If life can be compared to business organization, what department do you work in? Sales? Marketing? Collections? Customer Service? Accounting? Inventory? Shipping? Management? Advertising? Design? Reception? Administration? Manufacturing?

Of course, in function, you skip around and, at one time or another, have worked in all departments.

In terms of life, it is better to leave collections alone, for the concept of collecting keeps your attention on what is due you and what you feel you have been denied. Leave that alone. What is yours will arrive on its own, and what is not yours, no matter how strong your urging and persistence, it will not come. Or if, by chance, it does come through by dint of your effort, you have paid too much for it. How your muscles tighten as in war! How fierce and one-pointed you become when you rally to collect! And how evanescent is the victory of collection!

The price you pay for collecting is the emphasis you put on it. Such emphasis denies you receiving, and it also denies you giving. It makes you a hunter going after prey. It makes you armed. It makes you a vulture who swoops. That may be the arena of a vulture, but it is not yours.

In life, it is better to remove yourself from accounting. True, in accounting, you do not go out to collect, but you do keep score, and the score you keep supports collections. Do not inventory life.

Allocate yourself to customer service. This makes you understanding. It allows you to care. It allows you to give Human beings what they want. Customer service puts you on the right footing. Consider everyone in your life a valued customer. No matter in what vein your customer appears, angry or kind, tall or short, attractive or unattractive, foolish or smart, you are one who gives good service. By your generosity of spirit, you show customers how one person can be to another, and so they leave you enriched, and you have not diminished yourself.

Be a receptionist, for in so doing you greet all who come your way. Arrows of receptivity sail from your heart. You set a tone for life and a welcome area and seating. And you are seated there as well.

Be a creative designer, and create beauty and color for all to see. Be innovative. Make tall buildings. Fill them with joy. Transform the world with your gifts to it. Replicate what you create, and you are the supplier of the world.

Advertise truth.

Be a salesman for good. Sell honesty. Fill needs. Put others, not yourself, foremost. Sell only what is of benefit and give full value.

Administer with your thoughts. You are high management. The electrons of your brain are powerful administrators. They line everything up ahead of time, and work becomes like rays that fall from the sun.

What hat are you wearing today? You have great choice. What departments do you most want to represent?

Wherever you are now, you can represent anything you want. Would you not like to represent Me? Would you not like to uplift hearts and minds and eyes? Would you not like to lift the world higher? Would you not like to be a beacon of light on earth? Would you not like to be one who lifts burdens from others and tosses them away? Would you not like to be all that you would like others to be?

What can stop you? And why would you let it? Try out greatness today. See how it fits you.