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What God Needs

I asked God if he needed anything...You might be surprised by what he told me...

What God Needs

If God, you say, is God, then he doesn't really have any needs. After all, he has everything right? Yes, you are correct, in your sense of terms I do have everything, so how could God, the divine have needs? Could God really need anything? The answer is going to surprise you my child…YES.

From that of a human's needs, this is going to sound like irony to you, but I do have needs. Since, I made each and every one of you with a freedom of choice; I cannot, and will not ever control you. This is a solemn vow that I will never cross. It is one, that you should never cross either. I will never control you or make you do anything. That is a choice I made long ago. I wanted my creations to be free to choose as I choose. You are a holographic picture and replica of the divine.

Each piece of me, though unique in many respects, is an exact of the divine. I know, you do not see it this way in your limited perspective as a human being. You cannot comprehend all that I am as it would literally blow your mind and a fuse in your circuitry.

Some things you will never be able to wrap your brain around. As you get into the mind of God, you do have a knowing and an understanding that will transcend the brain. These will happen more frequently as you are still and your brains are not going a mile a minute.

This is part of the value of meditation, where you empty the brain and focus on your stillness, which is focusing on my heart. My heart has much to say, in fact, my heart is trying to communicate to you all the time…you just aren't always picking up my signal. Why? You have been told that I don't speak today. That, only the holy hears God. Only those who are special hear me. That is so not true my child. I want to speak to all of you. Many of you have relegated my speaking to only a few holy books. Others say, God only speaks through the apostles and the prophets. This was the old energy of how things used to be. Now, I see you as holographs of me. This holograph is complete…it is an exact of me. This you all have. Not just the chosen few as others have taught you.

What do I want? I want you to know how much I love you and cherish you. I want you to know that all I think about is you continually. I want you to return just a fraction of your focus on me and my kingdom which resides not in the castles built by religion, but in your heart my child. This is the sanctuary of the almighty. This is where I dwell and always have dwelt. It has never been in the temple, church, synagogue, or other designated holy places of man. No, I dwell in your hearts by faith. Faith, yes, it is necessary to be able to see me. You cannot know me by your rational brain alone. It is not designed to, and it will fail you every time when it comes to you and me, and our relationship.

It does serve you well in analytical thinking and preserving your life on the earthly plane. The logical mind is necessary when it comes to your existence on earth. It just doesn't do you complete justice when it comes to our relationship. Go deeper, my child, and know that God can only be comprehended and understood by your soul. This is the heart as you call it. It is always connected to the divine as you just need to know how to access it. It is quite organic, as you would say. It really doesn't have to be taught. You know on a deeper level, or the soul level. It just doesn't register or make sense to the logical mind or the ego-mind. In fact, the ego mind will tell you it is all a fantasy. I tell you I live in the world of fantasy, why don't you? This is the place of creation where I dreamed you up. This is the same place that you can go to create too.

I want you to play more in the world of fantasy. You have been taught differently though. If you live too much in this world or sphere, others will accuse you of being out of your minds…and this is true…you are out of your mind and tapping into my mind.

Has it occurred to you yet that what you have learned about me and my ways might not be correct? Be careful, for your mind, the one that is ego-centered, might be leading you astray.

I want you to know that I am not the destroyer, as many of you think. I do not hold any guns to your head…I am not ready to beat you up. I am not a God of retribution. This again is the concoction of man, religion, and the ego-mind. I am just the opposite of this. I love you unconditionally and without exception. Am I always in love with your behavior, NO. Sometimes your behavior is appalling and very upsetting to me. I know you are better than that, for you are a piece of me. But, again, I will never tell you what to do or try to control you. Others have done this and enslaved your thinking. They have told you I am this way or that way. It is too bad you have listened so intently to them and not so much to me.

I want you to listen to me, by listening to the inner voice of your eternal soul. Quit listening to everyone else and their opinions of me. They are just those…opinions. I hear you all saying, "Well, what are we to believe then?" Believe no one but your inner voice. This is the voice that is always connected to me and is your soul's voice. It is a loving voice my child, it is gentle, like a parents loving voice. It is not a judgmental voice. It always brings you peace and joy. Anything other than this voice, is not the voice of me, my child. I love you so much. I need your love reciprocated. I need you to acknowledge that you and I have a divine connection and a relationship. I want to be your friend and lover all the time.

All others that take this place are the idols you have set up, the false gods you have made. I want all of you; not just you on Saturday or Sunday morning. That is not what I want. That is what man wants for you to have. Are you satisfied with this my child? I am not. You can imagine having a relationship with your earthly lover on this kind of level of commitment. It just wouldn't fly would it? Am I going to condemn you to hell or hold it against you if you do not want this relationship I have in store for us? No, a thousand times, NO. But what could we have if you and I teamed up? If you knew what I knew we could have the greatest love relationship you have ever had. It would transcend all love relationships on earth and pall them in comparison.

You just have a hard time grasping onto this. You can't see me in the physical and so you focus only on the love you can get on this earthly plane. My love is greater than all loves. Read sometime the Song of Solomon that Solomon wrote of about the Shulamite virgin. This is a beautiful love story but it does not compare to what you and I can have.

All earthly loves, as great as they are, cannot compare to my love for you my child.

So, what I really want and need is for you to start, and cultivate your inner voice and learn to be still to hear my voice. I want you to know how much I love you and accept you unconditionally. Can you return the favor to me? Is this too much to ask my child?

Abraham, my son, had this relationship with me and I called him my friend. I was able to speak with him as he heard my heart reaching to his heart. Do you think Abraham was special or greater than you my child? No, he didn't have any corner on God. No more than you do.

I want you to believe me and quit putting your blind faith in man. I want you to listen to your inner voice that speaks so lovingly, gently, and kindly to you. I want to have an intimate relationship with you that will transcend the love of the greatest lovers. This is what I want and need from you my child. Is this too much to ask?


Submitted by: D. Scott Arant

Dear Scott, Did I say it

Dear Scott,

Did I say it before? Your Heavenpetals (Godwriting) need a section called Student Godwriting or Heavenpetals.

Jo Morgan who was at workshop with you is working on making posters and notecards using simple short quotations from individual's own Godwriting. We have a great one of yours that I am mad about:

"Don't wait for God's Will."

I think this is prime.

I have a feeling I said this somewhere already.

Eagerly awaiting Dave and Sheila's Heavenpetals.

Hi Gloria, Yes, you did

Hi Gloria,

Yes, you did mention a possibility of adding a special heaven petals for Godwriting graduates.
I agree with it can encourage others to go through your workshops too.

I think you had mentioned that you might put your workshops on a webinar or other format where students could get on the internet and see you either on video or or a live shoot. I know you are moving soon to Argentina and it might be logistically impossible for some to come there and do a workshop. I would love it though.

Anyway, I like your idea of the seperate space in Godpetals, perhaps as a sub-catagory that one would have a different login for...

I am not the best one on the technology part of it though... :)

Blessings and Love,

You sound very techno to me!

You sound very techno to me! What is a webinar?

The thing is for everyone to want to feel close to God, hear Him, and write down what He says. For everyone to know that it is no big deal to Godwrite, and that it's easy and natural. What did Marianne Williamson say? It's the ONLY natural thing.

Of course, you are a mile a minute Godwriter, Scott.

My feeling is that the spiritual center in Capilla del Monte is going to fill up fast! I think Argentina is going to draw many people from U.S. and South America to Godwriting workshops.
Actually, I have it on good authority that the Godwriting workshops will catch on like wildfire in South America.

Scott, remember to put your name at the end of Heavenletter.

With love and blessings,


Thanks Gloria, I know your

Thanks Gloria,
I know your Godwriting tm workshops will be an absolute hit where ever you happen to go. :-)

This is what we are all looking for even if we don't know what it really is we are looking for...our connection with the divine!

Never mind the webinar...

That is just a fancy way of reaching more. I am not sure that is what you are really wanting to do?
It is more impersonal than a traditional workshop where people come to you.

I feel your beats very want others to experience what you have experienced, because you know how it will affect for good, and help them along their earthly pilgrimage. You know that this Godwriting tm is a powerful way to connect with Source.