There Is a Meeting Place

God said:

Look at trees today. When your eyes reach the top, then keep looking Heavenwards. If you see Heaven not, imagine you do. Rest your weary eyes on it. Covet it.

Beloveds, there is a meeting place of Heaven and your heart. No matter how far your eyes may scan, you are looking within. You have the concept of Heaven because Heaven lies within you. Your heart knows Heaven. Your mind has words for it. Heaven is the leaven of your heart. Paradise is seen through God in your heart. Your heart is My conduit.

Lift your eyes above the horizon line. Let your heart and mind scale the tallest trees. Climb them and scout Heaven from a higher vantage.

Be a pirate and climb the mast to see as far as you can see. Looking high, you are higher. Yes, be a pirate of Heaven. Raid it shamelessly. Take its treasures. You will find your name on every box and bottle. You are not stealing. You are taking what is rightfully yours.

Be a cat thief of Heaven. From a rooftop in the darkest night, look up, and Heaven will be seen. Heaven can't be taken away from you. You may think you are burgling the night stars, but you are taking only what I give to you. I give you everything.

Everything Heavenward is yours. Raise your sites, beloveds. Raise your sites.

The realm of Heaven is everyone's Kingdom. There is no one less than a King or Queen in Heaven. All are royalty. I am vested in everyone. I give everything to you. That which I have given to you is branded in you.

That which you cannot see with your eyes has greater power than that which you see with your eyes. That which is intangible is greater than the tangible. Do you believe Me? Love is more powerful than money. Love has greater energy and greater power. Money has only that with which you endow it. A piece of paper with 1 million dollars written on it is the same paper a dollar bill is printed on. The mind gives the piece of paper value. It has no life of its own. Money buys many things in the world. But nothing has the power that comes from Heaven. Money doesn't come from Heaven, but love does.

This is not to tell you to spurn money on Earth. You need it for sundries. But do not compare money to love. Money is finite. Love is infinite. Money can be spent. Love can only expand. The spores of love are Heaven-borne and Heavensent. I exhale love. Manna from Heaven is the love I send. Love falls from Heaven, and you arise to Heaven. What is Heaven but love, beloveds?

Desire to give love. Give from great heights of consciousness. Let your love be disbursed on Earth like confetti from the top of the Empire State Building. How beautifully your love glides and sweeps up hearts with it. You are a reclaimer of hearts. You sweep them up, and you cast them to Heaven as you would throw fish back into the ocean.

Is there an argument? Do you perhaps think you have to hold on to love when love would fly free and not be held onto? There is always more love than you can count. There is no need for you to be needy about love. Be needy to give love. That is a true need.

Let your eyes cast love to Heaven. Support Heaven from Earth. Every time you look up, you are casting a vote for Heaven.