The Simple Truth

God said:

Which one of My children is not a reflection of Myself in the mirror of the Sun, Moon, Stars, waters of the lake and so on? Which one of you can possibly be less than I say you are? Not one of you. If you think so, you dissemble.

You may think you are being modest. Do you think you are supposed to put yourself down and make yourself less than you are? What is there about pointing yourself out as small that seems so important to you? This supposed humility is an act of ego that calls your attention to your little self, perhaps even with tears in your eyes. Wake up.

Look, if I say you are made of Magnificence, just nod, and say, "Yes, God." Maybe the Truth will get through to you. You have nothing to gain by highlighting what you see as great humility. Humility was never meant to diminish you in the slightest.

Furthermore, why would You call me a Dreamer or a Spinner of Tall Tales, or a falsifier or some kind of scammer, trying to pull the wool over your eyes? Why? I am the Most Direct Speaker you will ever hear. If you cannot give me a vote of confidence, at least give Me your ear for a few moments.

What if I am accurate, and you are mistaken? Why be so mistaken about all that you don't have any idea that you are mistaken about? It is not a good idea to throw darts at yourself.

I, the God of Heaven and Earth, say strongly to you: C'mon, what is the point of contradicting the Truth of what I say? When it comes to Me, it makes sense for you to say Yes.

If you can say, "Yes, Sir," to a uniformed officer in the military, for Heaven's sakes, why can't you say, "Yes, God," to Me?

Why oh why would you denounce yourself with such aplomb?

I have no reason to fool you or take you astray.  If you want to rise above oblivion, than believe Me. Of course, you will come to the acceptance of what I say, but why oh why take so long to before you come to Me? Look at Me with your eyes and ears open to Me rather than with blind contradiction.

Why oh why stay at a distance from Me and be proud of it? Why make life so arduous when you could focus on Me and align your heart with Mine? 

I tell you that you are love and that I love you, and you flutter your eyes with disbelief and, perhaps, with some condescension. What is so hard about this that you will not accept the simple Truth I give to you? I give you the unvarnished Truth.

You are so mighty that you are able to convince yourself that you know better than I do. When you don't think highly of yourself, then you are most definitely insisting that you know more than I do. Surely, you are not thinking aright. You are thinking amiss.

It doesn't make you a smarty to dispute Me. A fool is better than a smarty. As a smarty, you may exhibit the foolishness of betting against yourself and taking a position opposite from Mine. You protest your worth. You boast of foolhardiness. You are proud of your foolhardiness, when you abase yourself so humbly.

You are masters, My children. No longer put yourself down in the name of modesty. Modesty is often another name for pride. Be in service to Me and not in servitude to what may be, after all, ego with lowered eyes.