The Rule of Heart

God said:

I am always bringing you closer to Me. Whatever you may think and whatever you may feel, whatever you may not think and whatever you may not feel, I AM, and I indulge Myself by taking you along with Me. I make sure you come along with Me into fields of greater joy for My joy.

How hard that idea is for you to accommodate! You think that your errant feelings are your guide and that you must go by them. You have appointed them your guidelines. Whereas I have appointed Myself. I draw you to Me irresistibly. You are caught in My net. You still swim in the water, so you just haven't caught on yet.

But what a net to be caught in! It is a net of love. Get caught up in it. Let it be your trapeze. Swing from it. How far you can fly! You are shot out of a cannon of My love. Once in flight, you have not yet alighted. You never alight. Yet you think you are in one place, confined there wherever your body happens to be. You are confined by nothing, but you do confine yourself.

When you do not confine yourself to your random feelings, you confine yourself to imposed rules. You board yourself up with slats of "Thou shalt" and "Thou shalt not", when all you have to do is come along with Me.

You are not to make yourself an object of thought. You are not an obeyer. What is the freedom in that? You are a being. You do not need to be made into something, cut off here, extended there. I already thought you out. You are a being of free will. Listen to your heart of being, and you can only know your closeness to Me. Right action without the love behind it is not much. The life I gave you is not meant to be soaked up in performance of outer rules, but rather from inner love. A heart of love can only perform right action.

Remember that the love I speak of is not a restrictive love, set to go in one place but not another. The love I speak of has no favorites. Or We can say it has only favorites. It is a love that doesn't have to be directed anywhere. It is a fountain of love that falls on itself. The love We speak of is not made of momentary feelings. It is a rather a basis from which you cannot depart and which prompts you to worthy action.

Your life is not meant to be a life of restraint, to restrain yourself from stealth or greed or bloodshed. It is meant to be a life where there is no place for such smallness. Why would a child of Mine ever want to be involved in such ungainly things so far away from love? Life on earth is meant to be an arena of the heart, not the stifled heart, not the robber heart, but the heart freed.

A mother tells a young child to share his toys. He may obey his mother, not out of choice but from having no choice. Sharing without the heart's happiness is not sharing. Giving the toy is nothing. Giving the heart is everything. With the heart there is smooth flow. Without the heart there is friction.

Your heart is an endangered species on earth. Give it a push up. Let it shine on the darkened world. Make more heart. Vibrate your heart everywhere. Let it beat in tandem with Mine. Let there be one heart that beats on earth. Let Us make of the world a sanctuary, a haven for Heaven, a beautiful way station, a depot for hearts to be restored to their original glory, a vacation spot reminiscent of Truth. Let's hear a cheer for the heart. Let's beat drums not theory. Let's be real today.

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Let's be real today

The more I read God's words in Heavenletters the more I wonder what will remain of all the things I have ever felt and thought and said and of all I ever did or did not because I thought it was necessary to solve the problem of life, of being human, and to become worthy of salvation or whatever name the pie in the sky happened to have during one or the other epoch of this life. Not much.

When you do not confine yourself to your random feelings, you confine yourself to imposed rules. You board yourself up with slats of "Thou shalt" and "Thou shalt not", when all you have to do is come along with Me.

It is too simple for words, that's the problem. There is nothing we have to be or do - and we, oh, so want to do the right thing, the good thing. We want to earn. And it's not possible. How hard it is to stop this learned impulse to do all the right things and to earn and to become deserving. How hard it ist to erase that learned misconceptions that requirements have to be met before we can be happy, free, at home, in paradise. Just come along with Me, it's not difficult, it requires no skills, noch achievements, no goodness, no obedience, nothing. If there is something you think you cannot do yet, loving your neighbor for instance, then come along anyway. No requirement means no requirement. "But God, I don't even know whether I really believe You are there at all." "That's all right, just come along." "But God, I'm not even sure whether You are my top priority or not." "It doesn't matter, just come along."

Here is something from the next Heavenletter (#731, Money and the Good You Do). I think it's amazing:

When you have great riches accorded to you, what will your heart do with them? How many purchases will come before a thought of Me? Don't feel bad. I am not scolding you. I am just pointing out where I seem to be on your list. Give yourself credit if I am on your list at all.

I'm not altogether clear as to what I'm writing about here. Perhaps I'm simply flabbergasted at how much freedom God in Heavenletters offers. An easy-to-love God. It must be that I did not expect something like this.

Senor Jochen, I am quoting

Senor Jochen, I am quoting quite a lot (all of it maybe) from your comment in the query letter I am writing to a publisher for a 2010 Calendar Book of Heaven Sutras! Muchas gracias!