The Great Momentum of Love

God said:

There really is not more love nor is there less love. Yes, I know it seems that way, and sometimes it can even seem on the Earthly plane that there is no love, no love at all, neither love to give nor love to receive. Yet love can never go extinct, beloveds. It cannot dry up, and yet love is not to be preserved but spent. To keep up with itself, love has to flow. It has to flow until the whole world swims in love.

Love is like the air you breathe. There can be deep breaths or small gasps of air, and yet you are surrounded by love just as you are surrounded by air. You who are love are immersed in love. You are love. It's just that you have put your attention on other things, this or that, or you have put your attention on what seems like the absence of love. Where was your head, beloveds? What were you thinking of? The absence of love, indeed.

Really, beloveds, can you look up at the sky, night or day, and say that you are not in the presence of love? If that is the case and you have been unaware of the presence of love, then you have been thoughtless. Be thoughtful in your awareness of love. Love cannot be absent. It must be that you have absented yourself from awareness of love. What compares to love, and what would you ever want to take your awareness away from love for? What is worth even one tiny shred of love? Anyway, love cannot be shredded. It comes whole. Love is wholly love. Is love not stirring in your breast now?

When you are planting a garden, what can be prompting you to plant but love?

When you pick a ripe peach from a tree, what can your attraction to this peach be but love?

You want love. Even when you harbor resentment, you want love. You wouldn't harbor resentment towards anyone unless you wanted love. What you want is to be loved. Resentment is saying that you wanted love from someone, that you deserved it, and you didn't get it. Otherwise, why would you harbor resentment in the first place and ever let it turn into a grudge?

The world and the people in it seem to either give love or withhold it. How about you? Would you prefer to give love or to withhold it? Withholding love makes you a miser of love. What good does storing love do for you or anyone? Giving expands, and withholding contracts. When you expand, you relax. When you withhold, you are tense. In fact, when all is said and done, whom can you withhold love from but yourself, beloveds?

When you compress love, you are not loving yourself. You have turned yourself into a compressor rather than expresser. You are happy when you give love, and you are unhappy when you don't. You may say that you are unhappy when someone else doesn't love you. You feel unhappy because you don't know how to express love to someone who doesn't love you, doesn't continue to, or never did. When love is not expressed, it is repressed, and repressed love equals hardness of the heart, which can only mean unhappiness and dejection, perhaps anger and pique. In any case, you need to stir the love in your heart.

When you express love, you express it fresh from the cow of your heart. The more you express love, the greater the flow. The greater the flow, the more love that is expressed and the more momentum of love you have.

Beloveds, just love. That's all there is to do, just love.

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Just love...

Beloveds, just love. That's all there is to do, just love.

Yes, just love. Not something difficult. No special formula. No advanced degrees. No special workshops. No particular intelligence. No requirements!

Just love...each moment...and anything or person that comes with each moment.

It's easy...especially...and particularly...when we don't think about it!!!

To greet each if it were a newborn...fresh and alive...and then the next moment...another newborn...fresh and alive. Beautiful!

Love and blessings, Jim&Jimi.

Jim Keller you say it just right

Jim you say:
To greet each if it were a newborn...fresh and alive...and then the next moment...another newborn...fresh and alive. Beautiful!
I've had the joy of greeting three beautiful children into life's cosmic dance. I also helped my darling deal with one miscarriage, that too is part of what DADDY dishes up for us to deal with. Disappointments seem real as they unfold.
I pushed lots of thing in the celestial dish DADDY gave me. I loved the portion of water skiing, and tennis coaching and each marriage but I had a problem with each divorce my precious children had to deal with. I wanted the dog to eat that stuff. When my Darling of 64 years said: "Ok Honey, now just cuddle me." as I had the joy of ushering her into that new dimension. I told DADDY: "I don't know how to swallow that kind of stuff. HIS smile made me know that I'd grow wisdom, quietness, hope (in time).
When I put the fork of my consciousness into my stroke I knew for sure that DADDY was only kidding, but He said: "Common now, Son, make a "happy plate for me."
Of course I did, even though it was not happy at the time. But sure enough! I got desert!
That desert was this letter from Jim&Jimi, and a love note from pitta, and the day by day Heaven Letters that come through darling Gloria.
Who could ask for more?

George blinking a bit

in the presence of love?

It can be quite dreary at times to hear yet again that you are still missing the point, that you still haven't got it. You can be fed up with hearing you are still doing it wrong when you don't even know what "doing" means and what "it" is. It doesn't feel good at all to think of yourself as being that stupid or stubborn or ill-willed.

You have said, dear God, that I came with nothing but You. I must have had You written all over my face, I must have been love. And it went wrong. Perhaps someone didn't want You or could not bear love touching their soul rubbed raw. The reasons don't matter, particularly since You said that we choose our life before embarking on it (which is nice since it implies that guilt and blame are pointless). So, leaving biography behind as something irrelevant, I feel it ought to be possible now to remember, but what I keep finding is that it isn't. I do see more love and less love and sometimes no love at all, I'm still breathing just air.

I really am at al loss regarding this paragraph: Really, beloveds, can you look up at the sky, night or day, and say that you are not in the presence of love? If that is the case and you have been unaware of the presence of love, then you have been thoughtless. Be thoughtful in your awareness of love. Love cannot be absent. It must be that you have absented yourself from awareness of love. Yes, I can look up at the sky and not feel in the presence of love. Okay, that means I have been thoughtless. But does being thoughtful mean I should be reasonable and from that reasonableness start feeling the presence of love? I don't get it. I hope I will later. Perhaps the cow of my heart can tell me.

And there is resentment and anger and grudge, there is a miser of love, a compressor and suppresser of love whose diagnosis is hardness of heart. But when I have called myself all those names, then what? I don't think there never was love in my life, and I don't think there is no love now. But this – The more you express love, the greater the flow – has simply not been my experience. Angst and resentment always come out on top.

I realize this must sound critical. No, it's just tired and sad and so puzzled. But it's nice to have Jim and Jimi and others who through their very being show that it can be done. Well not exactly done, I guess.....

The way I see it, Senor

The way I see it, Senor Jochen, you do nothing but give love on this forum.

Get further

Excuse me, dear Jochen,

you say you know all this love " lack" in your heart. Not mean resentements anger and grudge. Get further.
Not mean thoughtless. Get further.
If you would more love, it means you have much love inside.
Your heart's love spreads out also in your comment above. It is only you who don't feel it. And you don't feel it because you love.

I am constantly overwhelmed

I am constantly overwhelmed by the beauty, wisdom, and love of the responses posted here.

"If you would more love, it means you have much love inside."

Such words of beauty,

Such words of beauty, compassion and wisdom.

"It is only you who don't feel it. And you don't feel it because you love."

In these moments maybe Love has a small shadow cast over it... stop, take a deep breath and release it slowly, stop... and know that there is indeed much Love within and radiating from you. Shadows come and go, watch them, release them, dare I say enjoy them; for Love is always present.



Dear Jochen, how often you provide an anchor for my reality, a reality that often includes not feeling the love God speaks of with such assurance, the love that seems so natural to so many others. It is not that I don't believe what God says, it is that seldom does he acknowledge how difficult it can be to open to the truth of love.

And then you come along and I no longer feel so alone and isolated and left out, nose pressed against the window of the candy store. I know that God appreciates your honesty and integrity of heart even more than I do. Perhaps what you call "hardness of heart" is just the other side of that integrity. Perhaps the puzzle would not be complete without this funny looking piece that doesn't seem to fit just yet.

Beloved Charles and Jochen,

Beloved Charles and Jochen, I do believe there are people on this forum who truly exemplify love. I imagine that they have gone through so much they are in full sunshine now. I admire them tremendously and wish I could be as they are.

It is so interesting to me that I have seen you both as two human loving people. I can't say this strongly enough. I have met with your love time and time again.

Maybe we all have different definitions of what we mean when we say love. As I read your comments -- this is from the beginning -- I simply feel a kind of joy that I would call love. I feel this coming from you. Your very posting is a kind of love, for you are giving yourselves to us here.

Without reservation, I know you two as loving people.

Now, I don't take that to mean that you always feel loving and are love and only love. I imagine that sometimes you swear under your breath right and left. I imagine there are times when you feel downright ornery rather than loving. Does this apply to you? It certainly applies to me.

Most of us are not just one peak of love all across the board. I'm wondering if you think many of us are love and only love.

Jochen and Charles, I can only imagine that God is well-pleased with all of us.
Honesty must be a great part of love.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

Two Noses

Dear friends, I have to choose one of your many loving responses to post a reply, and since Charles' nose is the one next to mine at the candy store window – where we gape at painted candy or our reflection – I decided to take his post.

Hardness of heart is not the first expression I would think of to describe myself. But there it is in this Heavenletter and has to mean something. What? Well, probably this:

... when all is said and done, whom can you withhold love from but yourself, beloveds? If we could love ourselves, we would love everyone and everything as our Self. It's so simple and so easily explained, you feel inspired, you know that love is not alien to your heart, you feel confident that you will get there. Until one day you look up to find your inspiration and confidence vandalized beyond recognition and Heavenletters reduced to piles of words. And you are frightened beyond expression, particularly since you know who did that.

In short, you do love Heavenletters and you know your love is true. You are not quite sure whether whatever it is you perceive as your problem actually gets addressed in Heavenletters. You hope it does, you hope it's only your lack of understanding that you can't see it yet. But there are days when you can't help the torturing thought that all of this is just another pie in the sky.

It passes, of course. One day you open your computer in the morning and all the wonder and inspiration is there again. Will it finally hold this time, at least to some extent?

Hi Jochen...

Thank you for expressing what you expressed. Thank you for all of your words. Thank you for your willingness to engage...and to question so deeply. Thank you for your kindness and consideration toward others on this forum. Thank you for your curiosity, your wonder...and thank you for your innocence. Curiosity, wonder, kindness, consideration...they are all qualities of love. Loving you for your essence...and loving you for all that you share so freely and willingly with others.

Love and blessings, Jim and Jimi.

Senor Jochen, I really do

Senor Jochen, I really do mean to bow out, yet there is one more thing I am impelled to say.

You mentioned God's saying: "Really, beloveds, can you look up at the sky, night or day, and say that you are not in the presence of love?" You say you can look up and not feel the presence of love.

I remember your writing not long ago something like this -- I am really ad libbing: "This morning I looked out from the terrace where my wife and I were having breakfast and I saw the beauty of a tree in bloom."

I felt this great sense of love from you.

Maybe we don't have to consciously know we love. Maybe it's like we're two people -- one who gives and feels love and appreciation -- and the other who goes through motions, the cool observer.

I also feel what a wonderful thing it is to read your longingness for love, for you speak on behalf of many of us.

Love, Gloria

Jochen you are beautiful.

We who love Heaven Letters need more of these open, frightenly honest, open reflections of some one in the moment of life's unfolding telling us how it feels at that sweet forever moment. The hardness of my hidden heart gave way to love for Jochen. You're something else!

George hoping for more of you

To give - to hold


just reading this Letter opening to me a new awareness.
As we are one, as everyone could change what happen in the oneness, I want explain my sorrow.
Just now I saw the contraction of my heart, God shows me.
I would always have love from others and I gave it just a little bit.
I had wait for love from the world. I had wait for.
Now I understand many things.
My sorry to all,
to you who I love so much, and me.

can someone help me find a past letter?

I have been looking thru my emails and tried the search option on heaven site but have been unable to locate a heavenletter that that was written a few months ago. I thought it was titled apples and oranges but could not find searching that phrase. it was about giving people what they wanted- if someone wanted apples, save your oranges for those who wanted oranges and give the one who wanted apples an apple. Anyone know the date or # of the one i'm talking about? thanks for the help, if you do!

Dear Debbie, have a look at

Dear Debbie, have a look at this one:

I hope it's the one you have in mind.

Beloved Debbie, how quickly

Beloved Debbie, how quickly our requests get answered on this forum!

Thank you very much, dear Jochen.

Loving unconditionally

Expressing Love in any way at any time rewards me with a warm feeling in my heart. It makes me feel good, because it is natural to express love. This is the tricky one - I am not waiting for the return of love. I am feeling fulfilled passing Love on knowing that it at one level or an other is healing for people, and healing for me expressing Love. Do not wait for the return, focus on the next expression of Love that you can come up with. Never wait for the return. It will only make you feel smaller than WHO you really are. The return is coming, but maybe from unexpected givers, from somewhere else than where you let it flow. Waiting for the return is going to keep you imprisoned with the energy of lack, which is a feeling of reasoning from your mind.

There is no need for reasoning Love. Love flows beyond reasoning easily at any time, and even beyond time. See. The mind makes you wait for the return. I see it due to a lot of practice - and then moving beyond. When you do not need the return anymore - you are beyond the matter of the mind. Love IS really beyond. Love is self-sufficient. People are where they are at any one time in their consciousness. WE can BE the reason why their consciousness is being rocked like a boat at sea. WE can BE the reason why just this human being is releasing more of all the love within that will be good experiences for others, maybe not you directly. Still would you take the chance of Loving.

Loving you because it is worth it and Loving me for the very same Light

Hege Smiling

Hege's irrational.

Only the truly irrational can know love like Hege does.

George losing his mind

Love grows

Love is sort of like velcro. We become like the fabric that it sticks too.

I suppose that all we need do is let it wrap around us and we are stuck with love. Love sings me to sleep every night. Sort of like the way my darling's breath would get longer and quieter as I gently rubbed her back or feet until I knew she was in dream land.

God wants to rub your consciousness in the same way. He wants you to feel His love, not just know about it. All you have to do is whisper: "Rub me God." Try it, you'll like it.

George about to fall asleep in HIS arms

Love is sort of like

Love is sort of like velcro

This is the one I prefer!!! It is so funny see me (and each other) and God sticked by Velcro.
What a beautifull immagine!!!
(Look, now I do like George)

Pitta laughing and laughin for happiness

LAUGHING is special, Pitta

I can hear you laugh with me at God's use of stickies of any kind. HE sure makes our hearts stick together! Love

George grinning from ear to ear

A puzzle of love

Like Jochen and Charles, when I read this letter I had the feeling that I don’t match up to the sentiments expressed. I agree with Charles about “how difficult it can be to be open to the truth of love.”

I’ve learned that when I have these reactions to a letter, I am usually misinterpreting what is meant in some fashion. Often, rereading, mulling over and carefully considering the comments of others points me to more clarity. I believe this is the case for me about this letter.

I have a prejudice about human language. I think human language is very limited when discussing anything non-physical. What is being expressed by God in these letters is complex and multidimensional while human language is very linear and unidimensional.

One of the many weaknesses of our language is that some words can be interpreted from many different senses or meanings. Take the word “thoughtless” used in this letter.

Thoughtless can be taken as very pejorative as in “He was very thoughtless to criticize his wife’s new dress.” I don’t think this sense applies here.

Thoughtless can be taken to mean just not thinking, just reacting in a mindless fashion. This also doesn’t seem at apply in this letter.

Once you reject these two meanings you have to look hard for the actual meaning intended. After much consideration, I think “thoughtless” is given a kind of metaphoric meaning here of not having our own independent, spontaneous thoughts about something. I think God is saying something quite subtle and profound here, He is saying that to feel the love that naturally results from looking up at the sky we must be free of the domination of thoughts that are foreign to our own experience. He is in effect asking us to use our natural and independent reasoning abilities to their utmost. He seems to be suggesting that we look anew at the sky and follow our natural logic: How can such a magnificent view be produced by anything but love?

In this letter, God is calling us to what he calls in other letters “innocent” perception, free of all past associations and world thought. If, in this instance, we are not completely “innocent”, this is not cause for concern or self criticism. Our first responsibility is to honor what is true in our personal experience. The time will come when we will be "innocent" in all aspects of our perception, I am sure of this.

Love to all……Chuck

yes Chuck you nailed

yes Chuck you nailed it

Leaving the perceptions of what IS from the past, moving on to create anew with what we already have, but are unfamiliar to. We cannot create anew with old. It simply does not work smiling. Wonderful interpretation.

Much Love to an open mind Hege smiling

CHUCK knows how to say "You're IT! now run like heck.

Chuck you are one of the nicest parts of my "happy plate" desert. You have a way with words that make us reflect on what we are reflecting. I really enjoyed your thoughts on this Letter.

George exhaling with joy

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said be but love
That's all there is to do now
Love just as you are

Love, Light and Aloha!