The Doorman of Heaven

God said:

Very little is asked of you. I never ask for much. And anything I ask of you is on your behalf. I bring you to Me, and I bring you as fast as I can. Your willingness to come with Me is the permission you give to Me to bring you. The more you step forward, the more you step forward.

Halfway measures lead you in the right direction, but sometimes there is a step you have to take. Sometimes one little step. When you are at the threshold of Heaven, you move yourself across. You must take that step in order to own it. The initiative is yours, not Mine.

You have knocked at My door, and I have opened it. And now you announce yourself to Me. You say, "Here I am, God. I don't know if I am ready for this, but You say I am, and I am here, so what do I do now?"

And I say, "Come in. Welcome. I have been waiting for you to knock on My door. I have received all your messages, and I have watched your progress, but now you have bravely knocked at My door. I anticipated your arrival. I waited at the door. And now you have come. Come in, please. Step over the threshold, and then you are in."

You, who are light, step lightly over the threshold, and you really see for the first time the light that you bring.

After a moment, when you have recovered yourself, I ask you one question. It is not a question upon which your admittance depends, because you have already been admitted. The gates of Heaven opened for you, and you are here.

You wonder what My one question is. You say, "Can Your one question be: What path did I take?"

I shake My head no.

You, My child, say, "I would not know how to answer that, for I don't really know, dear Father, how I got here."

I, God, say, "I brought you here. My will brought you here."

Then you say, "I am forgetting everything, Father. I am really leaving myself behind. All my illusions will not fit through this door of Heaven. The past cannot enter with me. The past is passing. It has receded in the distance until I can see it no longer. All I can see is You and the Light of Heaven. I am even forgetting that you have a question to ask Me, or if you have asked it, and whether I have answered."

Then I ask My question. "Whom have you brought with you?"

You look and you see. Those you have brought are right outside Heaven's entry.

I say, "If you would have them enter Heaven, then open the door for them. Greet them in My name."

You beckon your friends. "Come!" you say.

And they walk in.

And then you notice My son Christ who is beckoning waiting lines of souls to enter. You are in amazement.

"God, is Christ still waving people in? After all these years, he is still ushering people in to see You?"

"Yes, so many," I say. "They are still coming." And I add further: "And you do not know all of those who are yet to follow you. There are stragglers yet to come."

And that is when you realize that you have been a straggler, and now you are right beside Me in a place of honor because you have come to help Me minister Heaven.

You, like Christ, will know that you are the bringer to Heaven of all those who follow after you. Now your heart, still beating on Earth, will no longer wonder who is the doorman to Heaven. Your beating heart will know that it is you who brings other wandering hearts to Me.

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Doormen and Doorwomen

This is so sweet...and so profound...I lull myself awake tonight with these words. Blessings...Jimi.