The Center of Your Heart

God said:

You are not to sleep through life but be awake. Yet much of your life is spent in numbing your experience of it, as if you would push it away like a plate of food that you ate too much of.

You have not yet tasted life enough to push it away. Life is not pounds of weight that you must shed. Life is not a weight you are yoked to that you must break free from.

You have experienced the edges and corners of life, but you have not yet entered the center. Actually, you have departed from it without having even stepped into it.

It is within the center that you find yourself, for the center is yourself, not a mirror, not a prong of life, but Life itself, simple and sweet, like an epiphany you have so wanted and yet hesitated about.

If life is a stream, you must enter it. If you wish to be immersed in the waters, you have to leave the edges and dunk yourself.

What if you entered life with abandon? Then you would leave behind the mandates about life you have carried so carefully. All your presentiments would drop off. You would shake them off. Heretofore, you have been shaking off life.

Even though you have preoccupied your life with thought, thought is extraneous to the real meat of life. All you have thought is not life, for life does not abandon itself. Life is not something you shrug off or make a decision about, nor is it a wandering. The center of life is not something you wander into, especially when you have been avoiding it.

You hesitate. You are afraid that the water is too deep or too still or too cold.

When you enter life, you will find that its current carries you, right where you want to go. but of course you don't really know where you want to go, except in theory. Where you want to go is even an idea or another thought of yours that strays you from the point.

You have been swept up in little things and evaded the greatness upon which you are to embark. You have stowed away on a rudderless ship when you could sail royally with Me. There is a gallant ship I sail, and I would have you join Me in full array.

Of course, full array is no array at all. I would have you join Me with a full heart. A full heart is one with Me radiant in it. Rosary beads are meant to lead you to My heart, the center of life, the center of your life.

Have you been trying to escape that which is inescapable? Are you the young child who decides to run away from home?

The Home I speak of you cannot depart from. You can only imagine so, and so you have imagined.

It is realistic and practical to know where you are standing. Perhaps you think you are standing in a novelty store when, all the while, you are standing with Me at the pinnacle of a Grand Mountain. No longer allocate yourself to the foot of the Mountain. No longer hesitate to dive deep into the Ocean. Come, enter life.

The waters have been readied for you. There is no ascent to climb. You are already here. You don't have to swim, and you don't have to climb. You just have to leave off rambling thoughts. You just have to leave off forgetfulness.

Enter the center of your heart now with the Majesty I gave you and which is now for you to accept.