The Ace of Hearts

God said:

Keep your temperature cool, beloveds. You are not a volcano who is supposed to have eruptions. If you are to burst, you are to burst with joy. Love, then, rather than ashes, will pour everywhere.

You are a model for life on Earth. You are revealing how life should be lived. Someone is copying you. This does not mean you have a pretense of good behavior. It means you are aware that you are an influence to all around you and your environment. Emanate high vibrations. At the least, think kindness. If you were a gentle kind person, how might you move in this Universe of One?

If your eyes were magic wands, how would they befall on a seeming another?

If your hands were Mine, how might they heal? If not heal, then how might they soothe?

If your heart were the metronome of the world, how might it beat?

Beloveds, even for this one day, will you let foolishness go? By foolishness I mean anything that is not love. What could be more foolish than to set love aside or discard it? Love is the ace of hearts. Lay it on the table, beloveds.

Whatever situation or personality you may have to deal with, can love hurt? I am speaking of love as the platform you come from, love in your awareness, love as a desire to bless the story and the people in it.

How about silence rather than words spoken in haste?

How about not taking discourse and events so seriously?

Whatever may be going on right now, no matter how severe, it is not the end of the world. It is not. Beloveds, the world is just beginning, and it is beginning with you. I am placing My bets on you. You are the one I sent to Earth to nurture and calm it.

Instead of venting steam, take a walk in the woods or plant a flower. Put your hands in the soil of Earth, and tell Me, if you can, that your fracas with life supersedes the joys of life. What you say is important you make important. Are disputes really that important? Are they earth-shaking? Is a squabble a typhoon?

Be cooling waters. Be a milkshake. Be a rich ripe plum on Earth. Bless all that you eat and all that you meet.

A blessing blesses. A blessing doesn’t resist itself. It is easeful to bless. Bless more. Aggravate less.

All the dice have been thrown. They have fallen as they have fallen. Now you pick them up and throw the dice again. That is what you are doing in every moment. The dice you throw are your thoughts.

Again and again, We come back to your thoughts. Let them not be hazardous waste. Pause a moment before you divulge them. Let your thoughts be alighting angels. There is nothing to avenge, beloveds. Undo past thoughts, and do not think them again.

Plant your thoughts in the rich soil of love. See what vines grow and what fruits they bear. Pick your thoughts as from a beautiful apple tree. Reach your hand up to the plumpest reddest apples and pull them down and bite into them. How delicious apples and all manner of fruits can be. You don’t have to know the name of the tree you reach up to. You simply have to reach up.

Pull down thoughts from Heaven, beloveds. No longer dig them up from under your feet. Look up to the sky and see past it. See all the way to Heaven. Heaven is waiting for you to steal its thoughts and strew them on Earth like confetti, filtering them down all over to land in everyone’s heart, most of all, your own.