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How to Post images

We've made it very simple to post images. Here's how to do it....

1) Find an image that you would like to post (It must be on your pc! No not the picture frame on the wall. It must be in digital format in one of your folders). Once you find the image, right click it and view its properties. The site will only accept images that have a file size of around 500Kb.
2) Once you have found your image, come back to the website and click on Create Content and then Forum Topic which is on the right hand menu, towards the bottom.
3) Once you have typed out what you have to say, scroll to the bottom and click on File Attachments
4) Click Browse and browse to the folder in your computer where the image is stored. Then click Attach.
5) The image will start to upload and will be attached to your forum post. It will automatically be resized so it fits nicely in the website.
6) Now to make it appear in the post...It takes a simple piece of code to do this. Here's what you must type
[inline:x=this is my description]
Very simple. The x represents the number of the image you attached. Lets say you only attached 1 image, then you will replace x with 1. The =this is my description is the alt text that appears when you hold your mouse over the image. Its considered good practise to do this so that people who's eyes don't work will know what the image is about even though they can't see it.
For the beautiful butterfly below, here is the example of what I typed in...
[inline:1=butterflies with transparent wings ]
I only had attached 1 file to the forum post. If I attached 2 images then I would replace x with 2 to show the second picture. You can post as many images as you like in one post.

Any problems, just reply to this post and we'll try to fix it.

butterflies with transparent wings

The code for the second image of Wendy is: [inline:2=wendy the witch ]
wendy the witch

Re: White Desert (pics) Dear

Re: White Desert (pics)

Dear Gloria and WunLuv,

Just learned how to post a picture following WunLuv's advice.

The first attempt (White Desert) didn't work because I didn't finish the steps properly.

The second attempt (White Desert (pics) worked but, the first picture is only visible if you click on: Atacama salt lake & flamingos-01.jpg
They show up on 'New Forum Topics' and are hidden somewhere in 'Heaven Announcements'.

Can you tell me why the first picture (Atacama salt lake & flamingos) didn't show up within the forum post?

In any case, it was fun learning to go through the process and see the result! ~Xenia~

Dear ~Xenia~ The pics now

Dear ~Xenia~

The pics now appear on your post. It had to do with the naming of the image file. The image file was named with spaces and full stops and it had this symbol &, which I believe caused the file not found error.

When posting pictures on the internet, it is best to name them to something like this...
Notice no spaces or symbols in the file name.

One Love