Heaven Sutras

TitleSutra NumberSutra Date
Surprise of Love111/23/1998
Holy Instant211/24/1998
Feel God in Your Heart311/25/1998
How to Peel the Banana of Life401/06/1999
God's Eternal Message501/07/1999
The Brass Ring of Divinity601/08/1999
Happy Is the Heart in Heaven701/09/1999
God's Eternal Love801/10/1999
Created for Joy901/11/1999
A Singer of God's Wares1001/12/1999
The Fading of Illusion1101/13/1999
Catching Love1201/14/1999
Remember You Are God's Light1301/15/1999
God Has a Fortune Cookie for You1401/16/1999
The Visit of a Tripod1501/17/1999
Mount Beingness1601/18/1999
Who Loves through Me?1701/19/1999
God Says to Make Pictures1801/20/1999
The Power of God1901/21/1999
The Crossroad of All Paths2001/22/1999
God's Heart Beats in You2101/23/1999
A Climate of Blessing2201/24/1999
How to Give without Giving Yourself Away2301/25/1999
Pray for an Open Heart2401/26/1999
Where Do You Choose to Put Your Heart?2501/27/1999
God's Triumph2601/28/1999
Look to the Stars2701/29/1999
Follow the Course of Your Heart2801/30/1999
In All Mortals Are Love and Wisdom2901/31/1999
God's Domain3002/01/1999
Life Is Unfathomable3102/02/1999
What Color Do You Choose for Your Day Today?3202/03/1999
The Happy End of Illusion3302/04/1999
On the Anniversary of My Father's Death3402/05/1999
How to Serve God3502/10/1999
What Is a Divine Soul but an Angel?3602/11/1999
The March of Time, the Wings of Eternity3702/12/1999
Christ's Eyes3802/16/1999
Gloria and Friends3902/17/1999
The Sweet Winding of God4002/18/1999
The Red Carpet Laid Out for You4102/19/1999
Two Heavenly Blessings4302/21/1999
When Hearts Meet4402/22/1999
Wherein Lies Your Joy4502/23/1999
The World Rises like a Sun4602/24/1999
In Your Moments of God4702/25/1999
A Beautiful Horizon4802/26/1999
Light through the Window4902/27/1999
Each Day Is like a Lover Who Appears5002/28/1999