Serve God

God said:

You need not take baby steps in life. You can take big strides. You can cross the universe in one stride. I said stride, not strive. Stop striving. A stride is a large step forward, made directly, unhesitatingly. A stride cannot stop in the middle. A stride doesn't hover. A stride makes itself. A stride is only one step, but what a step.

You are not meant to pitter-patter in life. You are not to teeter-totter. You are one who strides the universe.

A strider knows where he is going, and he goes there. What makes you hesitate about striding forth in life?

In other words, I am asking you: What do you wait for? What do you debate about? What obstacles have you been forseeing instead of walking over?

All you have to do is keep in mind where you are going, and go there. Where are you going? Are you coming to Me? Yes, you are. And, meanwhile, you stride the universe. You don't just sit waiting for Me. You do something for Me while you are waiting for the moment of Our Union, the moment of your awareness of Our Union.

So stride across the universe on your way to Me.

A stride is not rushing, but it is fast. It is fast because it does not dilly-dally.

You may be like someone at an auction. You want to make a bid. But before your hand goes up, it is too late. Between the inception of your desire and your calling it to you, you delay. The opportunity fled past you. The volition was yours. The delay was also.

What do you think is at stake that you must hesitate? What if you do buy what you bid on? Life is yours for the bidding.

Get on with life. No need to play a waiting game.

And if you, yourself, do not need to hear what I am saying, then be glad I am saying it because it calls your attention to how far you have come. Congratulate yourself, and then know you are not done yet. There is yet more for you to do.

If you have finished everything you want for yourself, then see what bigger cause you can help. You may not need something — or anything — but someone else does, and I do. I have asked for your help in so many ways, and yet, too often, you think the extent of life is about what you need and want.

Your personal gratification is important to Me, and I yearn for it, but that is not what life is about. That is one step in life. You may have reached Home, but what good is that when the rest of Humanity is absent? Enlightenment for yourself alone is not enlightenment.

When you reach the finish line, you are beginning.

You need a bigger cause, and I need your help. Helping Me is not something you leave for someone else to do. It remains for you. It has your name on it. Be glad. And be glad My invitation has reached you.

You just cannot live for yourself alone any longer. That is too small a sphere for one such as you.

If you have blessed yourself with happiness, then now you bless others with it as well. Whomever you help, you are helping Me.

If you have a fortune of any kind, no matter how you worked for it, it was given to you. No matter what, your life is not for you alone, but it is at your disposal, yes.

Your good fortune is a satchel of blessings for you to dispose of on My behalf. You give it back. That's it. That's what you are doing here on earth.