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See 100's of beautiful photos of Godwriting workshops in Instanbul, Turkey, and Turin, Italy

Heaven Admin just put his photos up on Flickr along with his great comments!

The following links will take you there.



Israel is to come.

Meanwhile, you can read many blog entries on the Godwriting blog about these wonderful people, countries and workshops. Go to and
scroll the right margin until you come to Search. Enter the country or city of your choice.

We would LOVE to see your comments here and on Flickr!

Loving you all,


Godwriting Photos

So lovely.
Thank you for the new Istanbul pictures. And thank you for giving us all the names.

And the Turin photos! Do you

And the Turin photos! Do you not have all the names of the Godwriters in Italy? Here they are:
Andrea, Berit, Emilia, Patrizia, Magda, Pieranna, Rosina, Enza, Antonietta, Gracia, and Cristine.

Thank you Gloria, for these

Thank you Gloria, for these sweet memories.
Who knows me knows my aversion for photographs picturing myself. I usually find them sad and, above all, I always find myself ugly.
My ego is served, now.

It is Heaven Admin to thank,

It is Heaven Admin to thank, beloved Emilia.

For the record, I share that same ego with you, but you have no excuse! You take a lovely photo!!!