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after overhearing a conversation yesterday at work re:autism, it made me think and compelled me to write...someone was speaking of an autistic child whose dad recently died saying, "does he even understand what happened" and the professional replied, "probably not" and then there was some other stuff re:his lack of ability to grasp and all...truthfully, i feel it's perhaps more the other way around...or at least equally this below Q & A will reveal...we humans think we understand life and truth, since life is forever and incapable of harm, then what we call death is just a continuation of life...there's life coming from itself moving into self...creating, creating, creating...perhaps the child, or those autistic in general are more in tune with the overall aspect of us and life, whereas they're told to fit into linear specifics...we box in and call those wishing to color outside of the lines at best, worst, retarded...not trying to be malicious but just to provide another support of those who have an expanded that greater understanding and growth can regards to the "teacher" and the "student"...again, which is which?...anyhew...thought i'd love...mike:)

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I am a mother of a son diagnosed with autism, now 7. I have worked with energy for what seems to be all my life. In the past 5 years, I have been getting concepts that I do not really understand. Your channeling has been helping. However, perhaps any of you who read this (I trust it will be read by whomever Spirit intends) may have encountered this as well.

Here goes - My son’s magnetic system does not feel the same as ours. Is there a possibility that his DNA may have different magnetic structures than non-autistics? I can almost see this in my mind as strands running through some sort of chrysalis-type prism. Okay - I know that sounds nuts. I also feel this same thing around dolphins. He is particularly drawn to the calls of Humpback whale recordings. Is it possible that the cetacean connection to autism is in the magnetics? His communication (still nonverbal) has been progressing in leaps and bounds over the past year. Are the magnetic grid alignments becoming more compatible to autistic’s systems?

ANSWER: Dear one, for you and the others who work with these children, I honor you!
We told you earlier that they are mostly savants. These children are indeed born with DNA differences of the kind that are magnetically enhanced from your own. The difference is that they are more geared to an interdimensional existence rather than the 4D existence that you live in. So, Yes, this is a magnetic cellular attribute. Some are even calling them “rainbow children.” Your intuition is correct. Here is more.

(1) They wish to communicate and live out of linearity. They don’t understand things in-a-row or in line. They will do far better with overall concepts that steer them to a pseudo-linear action… so that they can live in your world. If it were possible, they would love to communicate without “in-a-row” linear verbal speech. They would rather do it all it once using a “thought group.” Their frustration is that everything around them is boxing in their expansiveness, and they have to stop and make sense of it.

Can you even imagine what it would be like to be born in a world where you had 3D, and everyone else had 2D? Let’s say there was no depth… only height and width. You wanted to “reach inside” things, and you could see how…only to have an invisible wall stop your hand each time you tried, or stop your mind each time you tried. You couldn’t even walk around! Others around you would call you retarded, as they watched the funny kid who couldn’t navigate in a simple 2D world. You would spend most of your time looking at things, trying to decipher if what you were seeing was true or not for the reality you were in.

(2) They tend to live partially in a reality that Humans don’t see or understand. Where are they mentally, you sometimes ask, as they stare off into space. The truth? They are actually seeing and participating in interdimensional attributes of life… or trying to. They also can “see” the other life on earth…the life that you don’t even acknowledge yet. More on this some other time.

(3) They are attuned to the energy of the dolphins and whales, but more specifically the dolphin. There has actually been research on this from your scientists, so it is not as odd as it sounds. There is communication at a distance between autistic children and these sea mammals. If they ever actually establish a one-on-one relation to a single animal, it lasts a lifetime.

(4) Yes… the grid system of the planet is going to make them more comfortable, and you less comfortable. We have been channelling in the last year about becoming interdimensional. Perhaps it’s time Humans moved a bit in their direction, instead of teaching them how to exist in yours?

Dear Mike, I heard that

Dear Mike,

I heard that autistic children are in the fifth dimension.

Have you read Dr. Temple Grandin's story? She is autistic and yet supports herself as a speaker and a consultant to slaughterhouses. She is so good because she understands what the animals are feeling and what they need. She trained herself to understand the rest of us.

Barry Kaufman wrote Son Rise, the story of his autistic son, and how, as I remembered, Barry helped his son back into the regular world by doing what his son did and saying what his son said.

I knew someone who had an autistic child who at the age of 11 was still in diapers and not speaking. Not easy. And not a good label to call children autistic, I think.

God bless us all.

With love,


yes, like any of us there

yes, like any of us there are specifics to be addressed...perhaps that child is still in diapers and not speaking partly because he/she isn't quite understood for being such a multidimensional Being (maybe he/she's more into telepathy of which we have yet to have a clue?) judgment and perhaps it's not the case but it's hard enough for adults when they feel they aren't understood for who they are...a child, especially one who we can't communicate so well with, relies on nurturing and understanding as much as they just want to share who they are, without definition's measuring tape...anyway, that's great that woman works with and for the animals...i just think what we all call the regular world is going by the wayside...with "normalcy" being re-defined...or maybe closer to the point...not at all...mike

Dearest Mike, many thanks

Dearest Mike,

many thanks for bringing this important topic. it's a wonderful posting and I did read Kryon's answer with much interest. Once I start reading Kryon I'd never stop.
Indeed we have still so much to learn, so much.
My son is not autistic but in many ways he does not "fit in" society, he's very sensible about certain things and he's really got a flair for just saying a few words about a situation or a person or argument hitting the nail directly on top. these really are HEAVENLY ANGELS and their coming is a wonderful chance to grow for us. It is not always easy of course, but such Angels "simply" bring us a different and new reality and we have to tune in to them if we want to understand and try to relate to them. In fact, they are the masters and it's our opportunity to make a change for the better.
Thanks again dear Mike !

Love and blessings