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The Quest for the Holy Grail...

Oh...never mind finding the grail, I'm too in love with the search! Or never mind being the light and love of Christ...or God...I'm more comfortable handing out bulllitens or chatting in the vestibule!

There is a wonderful story (or maybe if there is not there should be) about a rumor in an ancient village about an old man who had been a spiritual seeker all of his life. He excitedly entered the local pub and declared he had discovered a Holy well in a secluded forest near the peak of a distant mountain.... and that drinking the waters from this well would bring instant enlightenment! He further said that he himself had not tasted this water because he wanted to share it first with his fellow seekers...his friends in the pub. The more he talked, the more his friends became excited and then and there they decided they would begin a journey up to the well the very next day.

So the next day...after miles of hiking, the small band of seekers finally approached the site of the Holy well. And there it was...half hidden by the mountain old stone well...and an old stone ladle for passing some of the Holy water around. Why the men were so such a joyous state...they could not believe what was about to happen. And they were so, so pleased with themselves that God had chosen them...of all received this blessed, transforming water from this sacred font. They not to rush into this. So they settled there by the well...and entertained each other with stories of there lives leading up to this grand and why the were chosen by God...on and on. Days and even weeks passed and by that time more villagers had arrived. There was even a self- appointed spokesman who became their minister who said all of the right words that prople love to hear...Oh and his new followers loved him...even more than the thought of the Holy water...oh the way he could light a fire in their hearts....or so it seemed.

And after a few months, with the growing number of people who had arrived, a new village sprang up...with of course the minister as the new mayor. And naturally the new village with its new religion and new dogma flourished. And the dogma contained rules and regulations about how one should approach the well and bow... and how one should be dressed and what one should eat before approaching the well. And then after a while the religious members of the board (there is always a board) decided that only the most worthy would be selected to partake of the Holy waters. And also they were concerned that someone less worthy might try to drink the water and so an enclosed iron gate and covering was built to protect the waters and so on and so on and so on.

So that's the end of the story...and maybe a little commentary: one could say many different things about this story... yet all of these words are pointing to something very very personal within each of us: the sacred waters in this Holy well represent the Love of God within our own hearts. In reality, this love is immediately accessible...for we are indeed this love already. The parable points to how seekers are attached to seeking...not finding...and will do anything to prevent themselves from receiving, e.g. establishing religions, etc, etc. If not this parable, then our own personal version of it exists within our own mind to prevent very clever ways from experiencing the Truth of who we are: Love. Love is so, so close...God as love is so, so close....closer than breathing. Softly set aside your personal parables...your individual explanations, or reasons why or why not. Or just cut to the chase and receive and give and be love inspite of whatever Your personal parable tells you!

Loving your always, Jimi.



Love it Jim ~ and you too!


Love it Jim ~ and you too! ;)



Beloved Jimi, you have

Beloved Jimi,

you have explained /illustrated a great truth here. For some weird reason we always tend to think it has to be something "out there" or "someone other" to save us or to change everything or to bring enlightement. We are God, God is within us, around us, everywhere, Creator and Creation are not seperate but ARE ONE AND THE SAME, AND SO WE ARE GOD. Our hearts know so well, our hearts do recognize divine love and compassione and gentleness instantly. No "other" has to do anything, WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR, WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE ONES. When we are all ONE, when we are ONE with God, when God tells us endless times that we have His selfsame power to love and create a life and universe of love, whom are we waiting for indeed ????

Love you sweetest Jimi ! Love and blessings to all here !



Such wise words of Love from you too Beloved Berit!




Love's Holy Grail Have you

Love's Holy Grail

Have you ever stopped to wonder
On life and what it means
Lying dormant in your soul
Your sleeping spirit dreams

Go within and seek the truth
Reveal the answers there
Awake unto life’s mystery
It’s beauty find and share

Love is the answer to all things
How simple but yet true
Oh wondrous God Creator
Life’s meaning is in You

You gave us all such blessings
Gifts of Love Divine
Rise awake unto the sun
And filled with Love you’ll shine

In knowing God you’re half way there
Let Love and Wisdom guide
Have faith in Love and trust in God
On wings of Love you’ll glide

Look around at all you see
Yes feel the beauty there
God did manifest all this
Realise and in it share

All pulsates with vibrant life
In Love Divine doth shine
Life’s purpose lies in spiritual wealth
Hold fast and follow each sign

Omnipresent Eternal Love
Light of all that is
Yearning hearts do seek to find
The golden fabled chalice

Running here and running there
Around in endless din
Infinity is endless bliss
Love’s Holy Grail’s within



You said it all, as always,

You said it all, as always, in your wonderful unique soft and breathtaking way.

I love it all, but this here even more (if this is possible...):

Love is the answer to all things
How simple but yet true
Oh wondrous God Creator
Life’s meaning is in You

God bless you sweetest Mary - Thank you !


Thank you so much Beloved

Thank you so much Beloved Sister ~ you are a joy to behold!

Much Love and many Blessings to you ~ now & always!




A wonderful story/parable

A wonderful story/parable indeed! …And what a great storyteller you are Jim(i)!

So true, our own story and if you think about it, also humanity’s story. We are waking up though, one at a time, remembering more and more. We are remembering the simplicity of it all, opening up to the Love of God (like drinking the water from the well) and sharing it with the world around us. I am grateful to the “Heavenletters”, especially today’s: , which reminds me of exactly that!

Helping me along the way, are also the Heavenreaders who post on this forum, like you dear Jim(i), Mary (loved “Love’s Holy Grail”!), Berit with her wisdom and love and…. many others who contribute with insights, sharings and love.

Sometimes it is easier to remember a story and I will for sure remember this one, Jim(i), when I catch myself ‘forgetting’! :?

THANKS, :wub: