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Dear Tech Angels, I have been looking for Microsoft-Proofing Tools system for my computer which has Office 2003. We have searched it, via lots of IT shops both in Turkey and abroad...

We are not able to find...Do you have any advice?

Engin, you are searching

Engin, you are searching this in turkish, is that correct ?


Canim Berit, thank you, I

Canim Berit,
thank you, I think ours is a hopeless search. I have already checked those pages. This packet is out of stocks, because Microsoft is trying to sell its 2007 edition and it is not very interested in its dino-editions. :Criying:

love you

I'm sorry dear I hope

I'm sorry dear :Criying:

I hope our tech Angel Santhan has some better ideas or solutions ! 8)

hugs and love and blessings and joy :big

Kein problem, sehr liebe

Kein problem, sehr liebe Berit, :wub:

es ist nicht so wichtig :big

liebe Grusse

Dear engin, Did you know

Dear engin,

Did you know about ?

If not, then you should have a look at it. It's free and it's worth MS Office by far in my opinion.

English website here :

Turkish website here :