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Posts not showing plus subscription notifications

Beloved Heaven Admin,

I noticed that when I posted a comment to the Radio Show, it did not show on the list. The comment showed but no one would know it was there.

I posted a second comment, and then both showed.

I deleted my second comment, and then my first one got deleted from the list as well.

Is this a glitch?

I noticed the same thing in another forum topic. A first response does not show on the list.

Also, so far as I can tell, no one is receiving notifications of forum comments.

No one wants to give you more work, Senor. .

Senora, Please excuse the


Please excuse the late reply. The subscriptions you know have been taken care of for a while now and are working very well.

The comment listing...we're going to have to live with this. The community page is the most viewed page on this website and resources do not allow us to provide a "fresh" page every time it is updated. We provide pages that are about 30min old (stored in cache) so that visitors don't have to wait for a "fresh" page to be generated everytime.

Oceans of Love