God said:

Whim is not always a lesser thing. Sometimes whim points you to something that merits looking at. There is a fine line here between indulging every whim and paying attention to them, yet I am not One to say that you shouldn't follow your whims. Whims do not have to be selfish or aimless or flighty, as they sometimes are and are often seen as. Consider a whim like a sensation that alerts you to something going on. Why not follow your whims at least part way and see where they take you? It has to be that your whims are telling you something. They may have a message for you.

You have turned away from whims so much that you don't even know what yours are now.

Someone told you that whims are foolish, and because you are sure you are meant to be wise, you disbanded them.

Had I not somewhere in your past been like a whim? A thought almost thought, but not quite, just a moment of a tiny tug in your heart, just the merest vague impulse, not a yen, not overt enough yet to be a yen, perhaps a suspicion, or a clue, or a hint, or just a momentary glimpse not quite seen. But, yes, let Me be your whim, and I will take you somewhere.

Is a whim a passing fancy? Maybe, but how do you know unless, at least, your eyes follow it? You may not have to follow it to its ultimate end, but you can see where it is going.

Consider whims like children, and give them a moment of your time. Consider your whim's requests. You don't have to obey them, but you don't have to ignore them either. Not all whims are whimsy.

If you want to walk barefoot sometime, why not?

If you want to turn a somersault, why not?

If you want to be foolish, why not?

It is today that you find yourself, not some day. If you do not listen to yourself today, when will you?

Your path is winds and winds. Perhaps it winds for a reason. You do not need to overlook its windingness and act as though it were straight. Perhaps you are not really in such a hurry as you thought you were. Perhaps you can amble along your path and go off the beaten path and pick blueberries. Maybe blueberries are waiting for you and calling and calling to you, and you don't hear them because you are determined to get to your destination very fast and forthrightly. You may not yet know that your path is the one where the blueberries lie, and that that path, which you thought was an offshoot, is your direct path. It just wasn't the one you thought it would be. That may be so, or, it may not.

That is the nature of whims. They call you, and how can you know which ones to listen to?

Sometimes your seriousness has swayed you from the delights of your heart.

Eating candy is not always a no-no. And sometimes contemplating candy is enough, and you don't have to have it. Sometimes following the scent into a bakery may bump you right up against someone or something important in your life.

This is the point. You do not always know where something will lead. Most assuredly you do not. And, yes, you cannot follow every which way all the paths that present themselves to you, but you can contemplate and perhaps pursue the ones you have an inkling of.