One Heart

God said:

What a day this is going to be! Do you know why? Because of you! Because you are in this world, and because you lift up your eyes, and your eyes become pools of love and your heart the pump that pumps only love. Feel that love surging through your veins, beloved. Tell that beloved heart of Ours: “Pump pump pump that love. Pump it through the universe. Clang the bells announcing the arrival of Universal Love. Love has come. Love is overcoming the world. Illusion vanishes. Love takes over in the awareness of all.”

Love is filling all the nooks and crannies of the world. The world is going to be besotted with love. The world is ready. It is waiting. Today is a day of love. Love will be underscored in everything. Love will be announced, and love will be received, and love will take over, not with control, but totally with all the love that love is capable of. Love’s capability is vast. Love is capable of freedom. There will no way to get out of love. Wherever you go, love will be there. You will, once and for all, be in love. Love will be your stomping-grounds. Love will be the chair you sit in. You will recline in love.

You will row a boat on the ocean of love. The ocean of love is serene. Its waves are ripples. The sun will sparkle the ripples. The sun and love dance together. “Thump, thump, thump,” goes the beat of Our heart.

You didn’t think that your heart belonged only to you, did you? The heart that beats in your chest can only go so far a-field, making up aberrations, donning an appearance of its own. Underneath it all, lies Our Heart of God. You are irretrievably in My Heart, and My Heart is in yours, so, therefore, that which you consider your heart is not a possession. You can’t put it on a shelf. You can’t dust if off. Your heart, regulated by Mine, is destined to burst into bloom and become the faithful rhythm of the world.

You may have thought that your heart was a nomad, but no heart is ever a nomad. Every heart is part of a Marching Band of Love filled with baton-twirlers and beautiful music, clanging cymbals and banging drums, a symphonium of love strutting its stuff.

You are getting to the Truth of Our One Heart. It is never out of sync.

You have even suspected Me of non-love, so look now at what you have deigned to be the throb of the heart that beats in your chest or your presumption of a different heart beating in the chest of your neighbor.

Now will you accept that your presumed heart is an echo of Mine, set to the tune of Mine, regulated to the beat of Mine, accompanying Mine, giving great homage to the world and every illusion of multiplicity? Now you know full well that the concept of individual hearts is an apparition, a ridiculous fantasy perpetuated upon you, and now to be replaced so simply and easily with the realization of Oneness that you cannot imagine how you ever thought there was ever a heart in opposition to Mine. Separation from My heart is impossible, and you know that now.

Knowing that, how can your heart ache? Knowing that, how can your heart war against a heart presumed to be another’s when you know now that all hearts are Mine, and there is no other heart? Now you know that, only in illusion, can there be the presumption of any heart without love, and certainly not the one you call your own.

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2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said love has come
Because of you Beloved
Love will take over

God said now you know
That there is no other heart
For all hearts are Mine

Love, Light and Aloha!