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Not knowing what to do next...

It is perfectly okay not to know what to do next. Become acquainted with not knowing. Become a very good friend of not knowing. Even become one with not knowing. When it is time, from this quiet place of not knowing...a gentle knowing will arrive in perfect time. Many blessings, Jimi.

I have to laugh Jim, because

I have to laugh Jim, because that is exactly the situation I find myself often before preparing dinner for my husband and myself. I go to the kitchen, still not knowing what I will cook.......check into the fridge.......see what's in the pantry.....not knowing what's next, until............some item calls my attention and I start with that, next.........something else comes to mind and I add that, and so on......... Before the hour is over, I will have some tasty ( I like to eat!) dish prepared. It amazes me evey time. Now, I've learned to trust the process and have freed myself from unnecessary fretting and stress.

In the meantime, I'm learning to apply the same principle in other situations.
Thanks Jim, for the wise thought!