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Your Heart beats my Love

Wow! What a statement, "Your Heart Beats My Love."

I recently read an article about Heavenletters. The first thing I did was to visit your site. The next thing was to let my friends know. I'm happy to see that you're here and devoted to sharing God's message.

There was a time when I had no interest in "channeled" information. The messages didn't touch my heart. Until I accidently found a web site with messages channeled by the Holy Spirit. They were inspiring, uplifting, and helped me to better understand my place in the world, as welll as how to overcome the world.

I also used the messages to help me to understand the personality of the Holy Spirit. I paid close attention and begin to model myself after It. Like It, I feel that I became more loving and forgiving.

This wasn't the end. DavidPaul and Candance Doyle, the couple that channeled these messages later wrote a book. What a Gift. with their book, I could learn to give and recieve messages. What a blessing. This taught me the importance of staying in the Presence. I now feel that I haven't done much of anything if i don't do it with the Holy Spirit in as loving a way as possible.

Now, I have you. I'm twice blessed. It's hadr to explain how I feel. Except for to say that my heart beats with love for you, your messages, and Our Father, the source of your messages.

I will be using the information from Heaven and Earth posted here to meditate and contemplate. I like the idea of our hearts beating God's Love. I thought about it as I walked to the store yesterday. It seemed to bring me closer to anyone that I passed. I felt connected to the Universe and beyond. God's love has to be so much bigger than my heart. It can only serve to connect me to the Universe. Oneness. What a blessing.

"In the Journey That Never Was," by DavidPaul and Candance Doyle, I learned that we are in fact not here, but eternally wrapped in God's Love. In fact, after learning to give messages myself, after reading their book, I "channeled" this quote from the song Into The West from Lord of the Rings, "Safe in my arms you're only dreaming." That's it, we're safe with our Father eternally. After reading your Heavenletters, I can but realise this even more.

I am looking forward to reading your book, but I have to admit I'm really waiting for the next one. I wanna learn this myself. That way I'll have theirs and yours and be twice blessed.

Thanks for giving your time and allowing God to work through you.