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God whitin us

"I AM an Ascended Being of Infinite Light and Infinite Love."

Let's believe it!

It will be so beautiful when we believe that.

God bless you,


God whitin us

Dear Friends Do you mind if I ask for your critique on the following thoughts to help us polish the communication of miracles of mind healing to all. The following is a first draft.

“Thoughts of who we are when we actualize or realize ourselves as celestial powers rather than mortals we may see infinite Divine light within (close your eyes to see within).

I heard that the New Testament says “Christ is to come back to awaken the living and the d—d” (not going to use the “d” word). Is it that Christ as the Holy Spirit is doing that now today through such books as A Course In Miracles – my truth is that the ’50 principles of miracles’ is Christ speaking to me (and those who have ears to listen). And who is d—d if it is not those who think that d--th is right. ACIM paraphrased "You made d--th, you can unmake it."

That means that some are walking around seeing themselves or others as d--d without realizing your and their spiritual power. And when we wake up to see that we are Spiritual beings, living along side God, we joyfully create gifts of happiness.”

That is a complicated subject; does this help anyone meditate.

BTW, I consider HL a gift of happiness from a Divine God-conscious person.