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Being being being.

Is this what It is?
That means there wasn't any more

Of the other stuff
other than
what we didn't use up.

I was going to tell all
You Friends of mine
all this stuff about all
that crazy jazz,
and what snot;

But, I got caught up.

I thought my connection got

My mind got hazy.
I felt lazy,
but I wasn't.

I tried the best I could,
as hard as I was able to
tell you.

I wanted to tell you
"I love you."

That's all.

There wasn't really anything
but this One Thing.

The Only Secret I can't keep.
I'm sorry.

IT leaked out.
Love is all
I have to give.

I want to put the Past behind me.
I don't want to think about the Future.
You know.

Deliver me the Present.

That's not too hard, is it?
For You.

Oh me.
Oh My.

I love IT. :roll: