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How He Speaks through I

Free will the spirit speaks.
Free will as the journey begins.
Thought form creates the creation.
Created from the soul within.

So many different hearts on Earth.
So many calls to hear.
Answering all at once to all.
Blackened by humanness fear.

Fear if, but why and when.
Questions and deals of what if I do?
What if I release the fear of doubt.
Convince me that it’s true.

A child smile and says, “ I Love you.”
The sun shines as you awoke.
Doubt that God even does exists.
No one listened, as He spoke.

He speaks through a blossoming flower.
He speaks through even trees.
As you take in the breath of life.
He opens your eyes to see.

Yet you still doubt you exist.
The true God of the I in you.
Many lives past lived out.
So many different things to do.

Just be the Light you are of I.
I Am the God in you.
Release the doubt and accept the truth.
The truth in the things you do.