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Good Morning Everyone, I Need Help

Good Morning Everyone
For some reason my Heavenletter stop coming to my email, I was getting them once a day. Does anyone knows how to subscribe again. I try to subscribe but at wont let me with the same email address. Thanks and May God Bless. Love & Light Gordy

Good Morning Everyone, I Need Help

Sorry I forgot to put my email . Cubanito [at] yahoo [dot] com

Good Morning Everyone, I Need Help

Thank you for your email! And thank you for coming to this community forum.
Let me check right now to see if I can figure out why you are not receiving Heavenletters. We sure want you to. We want the whole world to read Heavenletters. We would never ever want you or anyone to be without the words God gives to us each day.
Well, Gordy, here’s what I found out:
For your IP address it has heavenletters.or when it should be numbers.
I am going to do two things:
I’ll remove you from the list and resubscribe you. And now your IP address has a bunch of numbers. I think you’re taken care of.
Very very soon, this week, we will have a new mail out program that will work perfectly.
Gordy, I will also send you today’s Heavenletter personally. Please let me know the ones you are missing and I will gladly send them to you.
Thank you for letting us know.
God bless you.
With love,

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Sorry I forgot to put my email . Cubanito [at] yahoo [dot] com (Cubanito [at] yahoo [dot] com)

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RE: Good Morning Everyone, I Need Help

Dear Gordy,

I have the same problem couple weeks ago.

Have you checked your "bulk" folder of your mail box? I am afraid all the HL were mistakenly sent to this folder by Yahoo administator as they maybe considered them as SPAM. This happened to me.

Hope this will help you,

With loves,


Dear Gordy,

Are you receiving Heavenletters now?

And I want to thank you for posting your question here on the Heavenletters Community Forum. Your post serves everyone.

And, dear Tri, thank you for telling us about your experience. Yes, spamming often is the case.

God bless you both.

With love, Gloria

Good Morning Everyone, I Need Help

Good Morning : Everyone
Thank you so much for all of the help on getting me started again. I have told everyone that I know about Heaven Letters . To be honest with you is a up lifting of my soul and gives motivation to face the world when I read Heaven Letters .

I would like to thank you Gloria for all the help and specialty for your writings, you are a blessing of God. Please keep does letters coming , Like I said before at has touch my heart and I'm pretty sure of others too. Gloria you are a inspiration to many. Thanks and may God Bless everyone. Love & Light Gordy

P:S I forgot to mention I am getting the letters again. Thank you


Thank you for your beautiful heart. Thank you for introducing your friends to Heavenletters and for valuing God's words as you do.

You probably are thinking that you cannot take credit for appreciating them, for you just do!

That's how I feel about receiving these words. It is a great privilege I am given. I am simply blessed. And I can't take credit for them.

I will take credit for sending them out, however! and I appreciate all the Heaven subscribers who welcome them into their inbox each morning.

God bless you, dear Gordy.

With love,