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Today it's dark and raining and I feel like telling this miracle:
One late summer day I was cycling toward home from town when I suddenly saw a butterfly stuck in the middle of the street. I was afraid that a car might squash it, so I stopped and being careful not to damage it, I took it by the wings and lifted it up. The wings felt much stronger in my hand than I'd thought and the butterly immediately flew away.
I didn't think about it anymore, but when I got home and went to the bathroom, there they were: two butterflies, like the one I'd seen, performing a beatiful ballet just outside the window.

And if I knew how to do it, I'd attach a picture of a butterfly here.


Dear Paula,

You helped one butterfly, and two came to say Thank you. And you were aware.

It was all miracle, wasn't it?

I would send you twelve butterflies now if I knew how.

With love and blessings, Gloria