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dear gloria ji

dear gloria ji


hope you are fine..... and enjoying your service for humanity.... actually your Sadhana is great.... i admire it.

i read the feed back , comments and many other god things ( though i'm not so comfortable with the internet system ) which inspired me a lot.... i feel that by being in good company of Heaven letters i have embraced the whole world, no boundaries... no distances... everything is in my heart. Thank you SO MUCH.

as you might know that it's the time of light festival ( Deepawali) day, so let's pray for each other and for the people of the villages,hills who have lost hope of their lives as they have lost their own family members in the name of so called revolution of freedom, and very especially let's pray for those unfortuante children who have become like poor crows and are traveling in terrible mist and trying to find out a safe destination for their life.

- A good news - The South Asia Inter - Religious Council on HIV/AIDS has invited me to attend a con. on 5th -9th Dec.2005 ( HIV/ AIDS and Faith Based Responses : study tour to South Africa ) . So i'm happy .... and looking forward to explore more and make many new good contacts, let's see....

- Likewise, i'm also going to attend Himalayan Youth Conference( Nov.19-21st ) in Ujjain, India ; they have invited me to give a talk on " Role of Youth for Social Reformation " Also a group of energitic youths ( jagannnath, mridu, sangeeta, dinesh, prabuddha etc ) from Nepal going to attend it.

may Goddess bless all of us so we could appreciate everyone in the divine light of wisdom regardless of cast ,creed, sex, sect, nationality and community.

pls say namaste to all of your friends and family members .pls keep in touch.

cm yogi


My dear Yogi Ji,

Like Paula, I need to ask you what some words mean! What is Sadhana? I know it is something very good, and I hope I have it. And you refer to energetic youth as jagannnath, mridu, sangeeta, dinesh, prabuddha. Will you kindly explain?

My dear friend, I am sure you embraced the whole world, everything in your heart, before Heavenletters appeared, and before they appeared to you. Was it not P.C. Menon who introduced you? I love all the connections we make. I never dreamed to have such a spiritual friend as you – and from Nepal. What a treasure.

So you will be going to India and South Africa soon. I am so glad that your service to humanity is being recognized and that you have the opportunity to spread God’s light wherever you go. I know you no longer serve yourself but are in total service to God.

Let every day be like Dweepali day. Let the time come when there is peace everywhere, when all the world knows nothing but the joy of love and freedom. Then there will be no orphan children and no need for prayer, only praise of God.

Yogi Ji, what you write in this letter reminds me of today’s Heavenletter, #1831, Enter Heaven.

May your blessings reach all.

With love, Gloria

dear gloria ji

Dear Gloria ji


Thanks alot for the emails, i'm sorry for being silent again.

i'm happy to know your queries... actually the Right Enthusiasm takes us towards God. Among the main 3 paths of God ( as Geeta says ) Gyan is one of them, so it means knowing the Absolute Reality will gives us salvation or Nirvana . And one can understand the absolute reality by only open dialogue or by Right enthusiasm like you which I deeply appreciate.

As you have asked me - What is Sadhana ? In fact, Sadhana is kind of Penance. But we may not be able to translate it exactly as Penance. It's like Niskam Karma Yoga, means walking on the path of Selfless Service without any attachment or without accepting any fruit out of it. Moreover, Sadhana is a way walking very constantly towards your ultimate goal so you purify your emotions, thoughts etc. So my point is that you are an example of Sadhana because you know your duty and perform it with full dedication & devotion and don't bother more what will be the result.

Yes, i'm happy to let you know that i have a very energetic group of youth ( as jagannnath, mridu, sangeeta, dinesh, prabuddha etc ) they belong to Youth Sociey for Peace ( YSP) they are the young students who are trying to spread the message of love+peace+service among the youths by various activities... the youths need Right opportunity and Right platform so they unfold their potentials....

Yes, it wasP.C. Menon who introduced me with you and kept me in Heaven! I love all the GOOD connections as it's the only God's gift for me.

Once again thanks a lot for your good words.... namaste to all. i have replied to Paula ji also, i'm sorry as i'm still not clear and confident on the internet system


cm yogi, Nepal