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Radiance - A Poem

By David Roth
©23 September, 2003
Turn Two of the Creation Cycle

Can you see it?
The brilliant, wondrous glow of creation
Emanating from the heart of space
Light in the darkness
Bursting with brilliance
Radiating with the spectrum of life
Shining for eyes to see

Soft as the twinkle
Of a star at the edge of the universe

The quantum pulses of a pulsar
Racing through the void
Joined in its path
By a chorus of brilliance
From a million, billion suns

And the night sky glows
With the diamond sparkle of creation
Reflected in the dust
Of the giant stones scattered throughout the universe

The light comes in other ways
In the amber hues of the coming dawn
Bending and warping over the edge of the horizon
Spreading and expanding
Wrapping around the clouds in its path
Beams of crystal staircases
Cascading to the planet below

Coloring the dark of night
Replacing dark with hope
Against the coming dawn
And the promise of new life

The world around is ablaze in light
Resplendent in its majesty
Glorious in its simplicity
Magnificent in its beauty

For He has set a dwelling place for the sun
Shining like a bridegroom
Coming forth to meet his bride
Rejoicing with strength while it runs its race
Its rising and its circuit
Are from one end of the heavens to the other
And nothing is hidden from its light

Then God said
“Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens
To divide the day from the night
And let them be for signs and seasons
And for days and years

And God set them in the expanse of the heavens
To give light on the earth
And to rule over the day
And the night
And to divide the light from the darkness
And God saw that it was good.” GEN 1: 14-15

Radiance - A Poem

ah yes... Let there be Light.

A 5, out of the possibility of 5, star poem, Dave.



i'm so glad we have this section. So many talented people here writing beautiful things from their hearts and souls.

Thank you so much.

Love, Gloria

Radiance - A Poem

David this is very beautiful......... :)